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Logistics and Scm

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PERSONAL PROFILE Seeking for a challenging assignment that reflects my diversity, knowledge and experience in any fast growing organization and to work in a reputed institution where I can further enhance my customer services and administrative skills to the best of my abilities. HIGHLIGHT OF EXPERIENCES * Great knowledge of African and UAE market (periodic visiting of African markets) * Several years of experience with customer service or sales support as Sales Executive. * Designed an integrated retail management system for sales, inventory control and reporting which has the capability to increase the Sales figures rapidly. * Managed the inventory of the company's marketing materials, brochures and product samples efficiently. * Did Internship in SOACAM Private Distributors, and learned key skills of sales and marketing. * Experienced in performing a variety of clerical and administrative activities to support the Products sales staff. * Experienced in ensuring the smooth flow of information and follow up for existing and prospective customers * Goal oriented, energetic and highly motivated sales Professional with excellent sales and business development skills. * Experience of managing sales and business development for the organization. * Ability to meet target, generates business, perform post sales activity as well as reduce costs. * Work in competitive environment and identify new business opportunities in the market.

Key Skills * Prior experience in Sales. * Strong public relations skills. * Ability to effectively identify, analyze and solve problems. * Ability to plan, organize and prioritize work. * Ability to use sound judgment in decision-making. *…...

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Scm Overview has been a fruitful course for all of us students. Being an electrical engineer, I wanted to learn about operations and supply chain management. The course of SCM has been really helpful in terms of gaining academic excellence in the subject. The Supply Chain Management course at National Institute of Industrial Engineering examines the theoretical and practical aspects of effective operations and supply chain management in a highly competitive global marketplace. Areas studied include supply chain strategy, forecasting competitive performance, globalization and supply chains, consumer response, promotions, and postponement. In addition, the programme looks at how successful operations management can shape the sales and profit ambition of a business. To equip managers and practitioners with the concept and practices of SCM which will help them deliver corporate success through a more efficient coordination with their suppliers, and customers. The program has been designed to suit the requirements of managers involved in SCM operational activities like procurement, production planning, logistics planning and sales & distribution planning, and strategic activities like vendor selection and management, SCM network optimization, and product/process re-design for SCM. The role of logistics and supply chain managers is progressively shifting from supply focused to demand focused owing to the increasing competitiveness of the business environment.......

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...Logistics has an important relationship to manufacturing, marketing, finance, and other areas of the organization * Logistics Interfaces with Operations/Manufacturing * Logistics Interfaces with Marketing * Logistics Interfaces with Other Areas Interfaces w/operations/manufacturing -Length of production runs Balance economies of long production runs against increased costs of high inventories. -Seasonal demand Acceptance of seasonal inventory to balance lead production times. -Supply-side interfaces Stocking adequate supplies to ensure uninterrupted production now a logistics function. -Protective packaging Principal purpose is to protect the product from damage. -Foreign & third party alternatives Some logistics functions are being outsourced. Logistics Interfaces with Marketing: The Marketing Mix – Four Ps * Price * Product * Promotion * Place -Manufacturing and marketing are probably the two most important internal, functional interfaces with logistics. -Other important interfaces now include finance and accounting. Logistics can have a major impact on return on assets and return on investment. Logistics costs reported by cost systems measure supply chain trade-offs and performance. Economic utilities and means that add value to a product or service in the SCM * Production * Form Utility (by assembling parts into finished...

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...Operating in approximately 200 countries, Ford employed 370,000 workers and obtained significant revenues and profits from its financial services subsidiaries, core business had remained the design and manufacture of automobiles for sale on the consumer market. Operations before SCM was introduced In the past, The Ford Company managed to maintain its position ahead of its competitors by vertically integrating itself as it owned or controlled virtually every aspect of its business. Hence, Ford was able to eliminate inefficient delivery process and control the raw materials for mass production. Ford's mass production which led to mass profits and the company was able to buy and control its resources, everything from the mines and plantations that provided iron ore, coal, and rubber. This helped Ford to track the source of the problem quickly if something went wrong with one of its supplier and fixed immediately so not to slow production. However, until the 1970s when Japanese car manufacturers enter the competition, Ford lost its market share. Since the industry became more competitive and Japanese car manufacturers had took the lead with its more cost and time effective method How did they develop SCM? Ford is taking the Japanese model of outsourcing suppliers and others, and then applying it to its own operations to improve their performance. The main reason for this change is the fact that the current management structure is “unable to respond quickly to changing......

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