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Hey, everyone I am Rocq Marwin Berioso Ohiman I am the only sibling of Baldwin Q. Ohiman and Martha Jeane B. Ohiman. I was born on the 13th of April in the year 1998. I live in Bulua it is located at Cagayan de Oro city or also known as “The City of golden friendship” In my kindergarten year I studied at Sacred Heart of Jesus Montessori School main campus. I studied at the same school in my elementary and also in my freshmen year. I really like playing soccer before. I join the soccer team on the same school on my 2nd grade of my elementary year. But I stop playing in the team because my parents said that soccer don’t fit for me. And when I saw my dad playing basketball. I got interested on basketball. I told my dad that I want to try out on the team of Sacred Heart of Jesus Montessori School on the same year. But unfortunately The coach said that I still don’t have the skill of playing basketball. But I didn’t gave up I practiced and practiced until when I reached in the 4th grade. I try out again and I was given opportunity to join in the team. I played my first inter-school basketball tournament in Bulua, and the tournament is named PRISAA. I am a bench player on the team. Because our competitors are BIG and FAST. And we are the champion in PRISAA in the year 2008. And my second basketball tournament is MILO SBP-PASERELLE. On the same year. And unfortunately we placed 3rd. And my third basketball tournament is Saint Ignatius De Loyola Cup. And we placed 3rd again. After that tournament I stop playing basketball because I was transferred on the other branch of the school it was at Gusa. I focused on my studies and graduated my elementary years. I continued studying on the same school on my freshmen year. It was very exciting to be in high school. But its really hard because there is no half day not like in elementary year. But it was fun. But I was thinking in joining on the basketball team of the high school. I try out on the team but just like in my first try out I was not qualified. I try to try out in the other school. I tried in Assumption Montessori School. And I played my first inter-school summer league on AMS jaguars but my dad don’t like the school because it’s too far. So my dad, bring to Corpus Christi School and fortunately I was got in the team. And I was enrolled in the Corpus Christi School. It was very nervous because it was my first time to be a new student , and I meet new friends and it was fun. In my sophomore year. Im just a simple man before im just quiet. I have a lot of patience but when I fell in love with a woman and it was my first time to love

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Buhay Ko O Buhay Mo

...kung bakit tayo nandito ngunit ayaw ring gumalaw ng bibig ko. Nasa dilm pa rin ang babaeng sumigaw kanina; nakaupo sa ibabaw ng isang mesa sa kaliwa, tanging ang paa niyang nakabitin sa hangin ang naabot ng ilaw at maaninag. Hindi ko maaninag ang kanyang mukha. May narinig akong ikinasang baril at itinapon iyon sa ibaba ng babaeng nasa dilim. Nasalitang mabilis at malakas ang babae, “Kunin mo ang baril sa sahig!” habang nadarama ko ang mabibigat na kalabog ng aking dibdib. “KUNIN MO ANG BARIL!” sumigaw muli ang babae at dali-dali akong yumuko upang kunin ang pistol sa may paanan ko, mas mabigat pala ito kaysa aking inaakala. Habang iniuunat ko ang aking likod at nakatitig sa hawak kong pistol, nagsalita ang babae, “Barilin mo siya!” Tumingin ako sa kanya at nakita ko ang kanyang kaliwang hintuturo na nakaturo sa’yo. Tumingin naman ako saiyo, nakatingin ka patungo sa babaeng nasa dilim saka tumingin ka saakin na puno ng takot. Nalilito ako sa nangyayari. Ninais kong magtanong sa babaeng nasa dilim, ngunit naunahan niya ‘kong masalita, “Barilin mo siya…kung hindi, ikaw ang babarilin ko!” sabay tutok saakin ng isa pang pistol at ikinasa. Napuno ako ng pagkatakot at pagkalito. Mabibigat na dudug! dudug! dudug! ang aking naririnig mula sa aking dibdib. Nilalamig ako ngunit pinagpapawisan. Pawis na malamig sa aking mukha, batok, likod, dibdib, at mga binti. Nakakalito! Bakit kailangan itong mangyari? Bakit hindi pa ako tumakas kanina?......

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