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Long and Short Term Goals

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Post-MBA, I will run a SAP Netweaver team in a technical consulting company such as Deloitte, Ernest& Young or Accenture. Leading a team of 3-4 people in a small segment SAP implementation project will afford me complete understanding of project timeline as well as knowledge of the complete life-cycle of a SAP implementation. In turn, I will gain perspectives into architecture and people management in a fully functional SAP team.
My role in Deloitte has familiarized me with the SAP Netweaver space. I became the primary resource for the entire team in both projects and operations in the Indian time zone, because of which my learning curve has been steep.
But I need to learn strategy implementation for tasks and projects like creating project timelines and work allocation based on time.
The Schulich MBA courses on Strategic management and Operations management would help me improve my analytical skills and will also enhance my SAP skills to a more managerial role. The program for strategy Field study would help me learn from case based and real time scenarios in actual situations, which would help me, get a firsthand experience of project planning and timelines.
The Global Leadership program of the Schulich MBA is in itself a great opportunity to lead and develop one’s experience and be able to network across with people from different backgrounds. This would help me gain perspective on how different people function, on how various business functions and project implementations in various markets are affected by the competition and markets while enabling me to effectively communicate with individuals from around the globe.
This dovetails with my long-term goal of running complete SAP solutions in technical consultations and rising to the level of a VP whereby I will control SAP implementations across the firm as well as manage other non-SAP related...

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