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Longer School Lunches Research Paper

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How would you feel if you had a 45 minute lunch? Happy, sad, wouldn't care? Or does your school already have a long lunch? Well, schools should have longer lunches because it helps kids relax, it is a lot more healthier, and kids don't waste as much food.

There are many advantages for having a longer lunch including students have more time to relax and a break from all the stress that school gives. If you have more time to eat then you have more time to talk, which helps kids relax. Attention spans are dropping among students, and short lunch periods may be part of the problem (Food Service Solutions). Wouldn't you be ready to learn after a 40 minute lunch break?

The second reason why there should be longer lunches is that it is way healthier. For example if the lunch is longer then the lunch ladies have more time to prepare the food. Which means healthy lunch, more greens and more fruits. Also rushing to eat doesn't give students time to recognize things like signs of fullness or the way certain foods make them feel (¨Food Service Solutions¨). And the Journal of Academy of Nutrition conducted an experiment on an elementary school. They found out that students eat 13% less of their main
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For example when I eat school lunch I only have time to eat the main entree and to drink the water. All the other food goes in the trash can so it's a big waste. I know, I only should get the food I will eat but the lunch ladies make us get it. If kids or students don't have time to eat all their food then their just gonna waste the food they didn't eat. Some schools are trying to be more environmentally friendly by recycling and stuff like that, why dont make longer lunches so kids don't waste food, that's environmentally friendly. (¨While Journal of Academy of Nutrition¨) conducted their experiment they also saw the food waste went up when kids had less than 25 minutes to

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