Longlife Learning

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Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

In this essay I will explain about the Diagnosis of development disabilities, early intervention priorities, educational programs services for the young exceptional learner, and transitional programs and procedures for young students with disabilities. I will also give the strength and weaknesses in the assessments and interventions used in early intervention used in early childhood special education and suggestions for improvements. Lastly I will tell of the transitional programs for young students with special needs and outcomes expected from these programs.
First I will explain about the diagnosis of development disabilities. Diagnosis of development disabilities can sometime be completed at a very early age, in most cases parents determine that their child has a disorder problem where it involves their child health. Sometimes the disability can show up in their physical behavior. There are specialists that can notices things right after the child is born or even after the child is a couple days old. In most cases it be specialists within the Intensive care until within the hospital that first see the signs or even the doctor that the parent pick for the child has train eyes to see what the parent may not see within the first month. Both the specialist and the child doctor work together to find out what the child needs is to survival or even if the can thrive physically within this New World that they have enter. Once they have diagnosis the child, the next step is the child goes in the Early Intervention.
As the child enter into Early Intervention there are Priorities that…...