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A Glance into Japan
Japan thrives on purpose – the way they act, think, and do is not merely a satisfaction of their desires but is ultimately a reflection of the entirety of their culture and the environment around them. It is essential for them to think in social groups rather than individualism – preferring to act in such a way that would please others despite their discomfort. This notion was strengthened by the recollection of the students who immersed themselves in a week’s worth of Japanese culture. The workshops they underwent varied from job satisfaction to a history of Japan’s military orientation. From these, they were able to impart key elements and facets regarding Japan that proved what we have learned about the country during the last two months in JS 100. The Japanese embrace popular culture such as otaku and maid cafés. They are deeply enamored with popular culture they have an entire district dedicated to it – Shibuya District. However, as much as they love their gigantic robots and fashion brands, they are beyond doubt deeply rooted and continues to practice and celebrate traditional ones such as the Noh. The Noh uncovers attributes of the Japanese such as hard work and discipline. They do not stop at good, they do not even pause during their best – they are extremely passionate which gives them the drive to pursue life-long education constantly. Throughout the whole process, they are required to maintain mental and physical preparedness, arm themselves with proper meditation, and nurture the art through continuous practice, among others. The Noh, for them, is not just art – it is life, a way of being. Even their tea ceremonies are well-practiced and requires formal training and education. There are people intended to master these practices, earning them a well-respected name in their field. Given these, it is evident that they know the line between and respect both sides of their culture – always relating them to even the everyday things they do in life. In addition, while Japan exhibit power in cultivating their roots – their culture, they are unofortunately faced with the challenge of defending themselves against foreign attacks even within their walls. Despite this, the Japanese decide to settle and find courage in their silence due to their pursuit for wa – for harmony. Similar to most of the countries in the world, Japan has elements in their culture that are originally theirs and those that are adopted from another culture. Some of those adopted may be fads – easily forgotten – but those that are entrenched in their beginnings continue to fire their spirit of nationalism. Some of foreign influence may be discontinued from practice but those that signify the true essence of being Japanese will live through centuries. The differences are light years apart. However, for Japan, for the residents, these two are part of their being. Whether traditional or popular, what matters is, again and always will be, purpose. This is the Japanese legacy.

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