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“Spent: Looking for Change” Documentary -Price of getting ahead is higher for a growing number of americans!
-because of our financial system
- 70 million Americans lack access to the traditional finance system
-this includes more and more ppl who once lived in the main stream!
-“pay what you owe and save!”
-overdraft protection! You can keep overdrafting and writing checks for a FEE!
-high-low check sequences--- such high fees!
-if banks cant keep customers, they start using CHECK CASHING STORES!
-“we can get you what you need RIGHT NOW”
-underserved Americans pay same amount of fees and interest as the typical American pays for groceries (89 billion per year)
-money is becoming more and more digital
----less places accept cash! Aka getting expensive for more and more people. You pay a fee for checks to cash and cash to card and fee for every purchase you make on the card!!

-student loans weaken credit! Banks use credit to measure persons ability to repay a loan. They look at length of credit history, past loan payments, and debt. If you’ve never taken out a loan or line of credit then you’re basically INVISIBLE!

-not having a credit card can save you from debt but can cause you not to be able to get a loan!

-lots of financial transactions aren’t even tracked! Banks don’t see monthly bill payments, or rent, or hard work! They only see a number! This number is hard to fix! You mess up early and your credit is screwed for a while!

-nearly half of all households live paycheck to paycheck and couldn’t come up with $2,000 for an emergency.

-title loan commercials! So many PAYDAY LOAN places. Designed to be paid back with borrowers next paycheck. Title loan are just like payday loans except you put up your vehicle.
-80% of borrowers are forced to renew there loan within the first 2 weeks.

-¼ households today are underserved
-bank branches have been closing are record rates while check cashing stores have been thriving.
-BUT, there is a reason for hope!
Ex.) San fran business is helping families pool together money
Ex.) new york organization providing affordable loans to small businesses
Ex.) Atlanta company building a new type of credit score using rent and monthly bill payments so underserved americans have a path to the mainstream!

-Making the system work better is within our reach!

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