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Whispers from within the multi-billion pound luxury goods sector suggests that the Avon lady is about to be taken over. For donkey's years the catchphrase 'Avon calling', accompanied by door chimes, has been associated with sales reps who went from door-to-door hawking the US cosmetic giant's products.
It has been a highly lucrative business for many 'local' agents and Sunderland-based Debbie Davis recently became the first Avon rep to earn more than £1million by knocking on doors.
Avon Products Inc's shares have been in strong demand in New York of late and improved a further 1.2 per cent to $33.33 early yesterday amid hot gossip that it is attracting the attention of several big industry players.

L'Oreal, the world's largest cosmetics and beauty company, is rumoured to be lining up a cash offer in excess of $44 a share. More...
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Canadian pension fund plan rival Potash Corporation bid
Procter & Gamble and Anglo-Dutch giant Unilever, 20p off at 1794p, are both believed to be keeping a close eye on the Avon situation. Dove-to-Aviance beauty group Unilever recently agreed to acquire Alberto Culver, the world's sixth largest hair care manufacture, for £2.3billion, so looks to have enough on its plate. But dealers hear that chief executive Paul Polman could still be interested in Avon, whose boss Andrea Jung is one of the longest tenured female chief executives in the US.
Recently boosted by vague rumours of a US bid, which every sector analyst poohpoohed, Burberry continued to strut its stuff. Shares of the luxury fashion house, whose trademark black-red-tan tartan trenchcoats continue to be a must have item for Japanese tourists, climbed 22p to 1038p on expectations that tomorrow's first-half results will please.
Luxury handbag maker Mulberry, 30p better at 520p, showed Burberry the way last week, reporting a 57per cent leap in sales in the ten weeks to October 2nd compared to last year. Analysts immediately upgraded earnings forecasts for this year and next.
The Footsie rose 14.79 points to 5,672.40 and Wall Street edged 8 points higher at the outset as dealers awaited fresh clues this week as to whether or not the Federal Reserve will soon undertake a second round of quantitative easing to help stimulate the world's largest economy.
Fed chairman Ben Bernanke speaks at a Boston Fed conference on Friday and could well put everyone out of their misery. Activity on the Street of Dreams was restricted by the bond market being closed for Columbus Day.
Vague takeover gossip that Bank of America is eyeing fund giant Man Group lifted it a further-6.6p to 257.00p. Oil services group Petrofacjumped 35p to 1428p after the oil and gas services group won a contract worth £157million with the Government of Sharjah to take over operational responsibility and facilities management of the Sajaa Gas Plant.
Buyers pumped up the volume at Weir Group, chasing the stock 37p higher to a year's peak of 1581p after broker UBS advised clients to buy and lifted its target price to £17 from £14.
A Goldman Sachs upgrade to buy and target price of 940p helped satellite group Inmarsat rise 13.50p to 644.00p. US hedge fund Harbinger Capital Partners recently sold a 14.1pc stake in the company at 630p a share. It retains a 14 per cent shareholding.
Still in the dog-house following the recent shock profits warning, software group Autonomy fell 35p to 1485p. Deutsche Bank downgraded to hold from buy and slashed its target price to £16 from £20.
Analyst Marc Geall says to deliver sustained growth, a company needs to pre-emptively invest. Autonomy has neglected this and now needs to either reset its margin or make a transformational acquisition that carries additional risk.
Video search engine Blinkx, which was spun out of Autonomy, jumped 7.25p to 81.50p in response to better-than-expected trading update. The company expects to report revenues in the first-half of around £17million, an increase of 100 per cent on last year. It expects to report an operating profit well above £630,000 and cash in the bank now stands at about £11million.
Kenmare Resources rallied 1.77p to 18.97p after broker Cannaccord Genuity said the market had overacted on Friday to news of a flood at its mineral sand operation in Mozambique. It believes the event will not have a material effect on either the project viability or economics moving forward. Analyst Jeremy Dibb's 12-month target price is 35p.
Responding to the company's bullish comments that trading for this financial year will be ahead of previous expectations, e2V technologies added 3.75p to 98.50p. Inland, which specialises in acquiring brownfield sites and then boosts their value by obtaining planning permission, rose 1.50p to 19.50p on pleasing annual results. The company returned to profitability after a 217 per cent jump in revenues to £16.54million.

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