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Loreal Ombre

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Executive Summary:

In a populated hair color market L'Oreal Paris was keen to break out of the traditional industry rut to revitalize its hair color lines. The hair color industry and consumers are changing and going from old to young, from salons to homes. In this changing landscape L'Oreal should try to break the traditional rut by introducing new product lines that incorporate the trends in the market.

Social media is an important tool in the process of developing and managing new product lines. L'Oreal should integrate social media from inception to market launch and integrate it within their Marketing strategy. They should use tools and platforms like Google Analytics, Youtube, Pinterest in process of devising push and pull strategies to then solve their overarching challenges of line extensions. Social media should also be continually use to optimize marketing strategy based on consumer feedback.

Statement of Problem/Opportunities/Objective:

L'Oreal was faced with analyzing the market trends in hair coloring segment, possible course of response from L'Oreal and social media integration for better marketing strategy. The overarching issue L'Oreal was facing was to understand how can they integrate social media into their marketing strategy for the new hair color product. The problem was further divided into following categories:

Challenge #1- Trend or Fad?:

The marketing team's first challenge was to understand how to use social media to identify upcoming trends, decide if it is a trend or fad and how can they differentiate their product that can be relevant for the trend identified.

• Pull Strategy: How can they use Social Media Learning as an active strategy to pull information from consumers. They knew that hundreds and thousands of consumers are talking about the product online...

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