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Lotor: A Short Story

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It's been a couple of weeks since they left Lotor, I guess we had grown closer than I thought, cause I really missed him. He was the only one, who complimented me, enjoyed talking to me. Now I’m alone again. Hunk tries to listen, tries to care but he doesn't get it, he's too busy anyway. I head down to the control room to face another terrible day. I arrive to the meeting early, I don't feel like getting scolded today so I'm the first in the room. They file into the room one by one. The meeting is like any other meeting same strategies another mission. The same thing over and over again. I don't try to give input or point out flaws in the plan, why would I, Id only get brushed off. I half listen so I understand what the plan is, when something …show more content…
I again was only scolded and not appreciated for the things I actually did right on the team. I mean I may have messed up and taken a hit when I shouldn't have but I had also saved Pidges butt, and took some really hard shots this mission too. Suddenly the alarms where blaring and we were running back into the lions. It’s the Galra what a surprise. Rather than just one or two ships though it was a rather large fleet. The fight immediately was not going well, we were outnumbered and on the mainship was a weapon we had not dealt with before. It was shooting out multiple beams all at once that followed the lions keeping us apart and unable to form voltron. Although we had managed to not get hit by any of the beams, having to focus on avoiding them left us all open to attacks from the other ships. After a partially bad hit I took for Keith I was feeling a bit woozy. I must have hit my head or something but now isn't the time to think about a minor injury. Shiro kept urging us to group up to find away form voltron but I had a hard time following along with what he was instructing, by vision was going black around the edges and my limbs feel heavy, there was definitely something wrong but I couldn't burden the team with it, it's a big deal

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