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Which women do not know Christian Louboutin? Taken from the name of the designer himself, Louboutin has become a must-have footwear for modern women. With its signature of the red sole, Louboutin has become the most worn footwear in the red carpet. The design of the Louboutin shoes – super high heel, which gives a long, thin look of the legs to the users really appeals to the modern market. The contrasting color of Louboutin makes it more eye-catching. Aside from its fascinating design, Louboutin is greatly wanted by modern women because of its prestigious brand name.

Louboutin has never put advertisment on televisions or billboards to maintain its "high-class" image. Instead Louboutin uses product placement – an advertisement placed in a movie or show. By putting the product in a movie, customers are unconsciously exposed to the product. Furthermore, worn by the actresses in the movies, Louboutin has become more and more popular brand among the female market. By doing media placement, Louboutin does not have to allocate a hefty budget for advertisements on televisions.

As one of the highly prestigious brands, Louboutin could attract the customers through its social emotional appeal in the advertisement such as respect, acceptance, status, and approval. In addition to that, customers want to be seen like the actresses who wear Louboutin. Therefore the emotional affection is one area that Louboutin should use in its advertisement campaign.

Louboutin could also advertise through sponsorship in some fashion shows or special events. This kind of promotion would target the specific market – females who are passionate about fashion. In this way, Louboutin could reach its target market more efficiently compared to the other strategy of product placement. However it does not mean that the sponsorship is superior to the product placement. The…...

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