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...Catharsis(es) In Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Is there a catharsis in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close? If so, when does it happen for Oskar, and if applicable for the reader? Discuss. To discuss whether there are catharsises and if so where, it is important to have a clear definition of ‘catharsis’, so there can be no confusion. According to ‘Oxford’s: Literature Criticism and Style’ a catharsis is: “The purging of emotions which takes place at the end of a tragedy.” A good catharsis closes a story and does not leave the audience, or reader with questions. According to the Oxford definition of a catharsis, it is important to determine whether Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is a tragedy, but for this essay, the focus will be on the purging of emotions and the closed ending. First of all for Oskar. On one hand there is a catharsis for Oskar. There are two moments where there could be a catharsis for Oskar. The first possible catharsis is on page 315. On this page Oskar opens up to Ron for the first time. Ron explains that he had a family, but they died. There is a small purging of emotions by Ron. Oskar opens up to Ron, which suggests he accepts that he is there. The acceptance is very important for a catharsis. Acceptance is important, because it creates a closed ending. The acceptance is also important in the second possible catharsis for Oskar, which starts on page 324. The last couple of pages are filled with the purging of emotions, which is a......

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...hard, time is insufficient, and most people lost their joy. Sometime we even have no time to celebrate birthday with beloved or best friends. People mostly busying with their job routine or businesses and they have no time to think about a good idea for a birthday celebration, to buy a cake, and find an interesting place to celebrate. We seek this as a good opportunity to provide a service that covers all the process of celebrating with a memorable day. It will be a one stop celebration purpose themes restaurant. It will be the new trending place to visit with friends and family. 2.0 General company description 2.1 Name of new venture ‘LOL’ is an abbreviation that very common in nowadays communication, which means Laugh Out Loud. Laugh Out Loud Themes Restaurant will be our business’s name. We use this name because it makes deep expression to what we provide for the customers, which is happiness. 2.2 Vision Our vision is to become the best themes restaurant and the first choice of celebration venue. We are likely to make customers happy, enjoy, and have a nice memorable moment. Mission Our mission is to provide a high standard service with quality foods but only a reasonable price. We provide different themes to let the customers experience something new and excited. Reasons for using our service First of all, everyone is rushing their works to complete, looking at the stock market and make investment, running their own business, as well as taking care of children...

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...found during my official career that persons who speak softly commanded greater respect than the loud ones. Perhaps the soft manner gives an impression of wisdom, conviction and seriousness unless proved contrary by the words spoken. Even in discussions during meetings, people who normally speak softly raise their voices when an opposite view point is expressed as if loudness of tone would impart greater validity or strength to their views. This in turn is met with louder outbursts reducing the meeting often to Babel of voices. We are witness almost daily to such undesirable trait in the several panel discussions or debates taking place in TV. On the other hand if the voice is kept low and not loud, it will generally create a soothing and conducive climate with others also following suit. The discussions would then be meaningful and participative and everyone would turn to be attentive. If you watch TV carefully you will see really successful and great people speak slowly and softly carrying their points across effectively while loud people who rush their words exhibit lack of confidence. Although one’s voice is determined at the time of birth, I think a soft voice can be developed with some effort and practice. A loud voice sticks out like a sore thumb in a crowd. Generally a loud voice is associated with boorish nature, anger, dissatisfaction or being upset or agitated. A loud man is some what akin to a bull in china shop. A streak of aggressive behavior, impatience or......

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...and uneasiness in relation to the timbre of the pounding loud drum (rhythm & unity), the electrifying top hat, the heavy angry key hitting on the piano and the deep haunted sound of the bass (rhythm & unity). The harmony of the melody and instruments is dissonant. The piano is loud but varies in between her words from heavy keys to “tinkling” keys in a slow tempo and arpeggiated harmony; which is creating variety. This deep sound in addition to the piano, bass, drums, and high-hat symbols makes this verse quite thick on texture. When Cassandra finishes the last word of the first verse, the instruments become much louder in their dynamic and faster in tempo, making the heart race and causing an anxious feeling. Cassandra doesn’t sing in this part of the song but she hums what sounds like a deep ghost like, spooky, shaky sound. Her moans are soft to medium in their dynamics and slow to medium in tempo. The timbre and tempo of the, now very much heard, electric guitar sounds like a fast moving downward whiny spiral causing a sense of doom. The drum and top hat keep a slower tempo and are clearly heard but they are medium in dynamics as compared to the guitar. The texture remains quite thick and it all is definitely dissonant. At one minute and fifty-nine seconds we begin to hear Cassandra sing the next verse. The music drops right back to mimic the first verse. Again, the music is dissonant. The piano is loud but varies in pitch between her words from heavy keys......

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