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Louis Vuitton Time Line

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Introduction to Louis Vuitton and LV Luggage

Introduction to your brand and definition of the product category or sub-category the brand competes in in the UK.

Maison Louis Vuitton most commonly referred to as ‘Louis Vuitton’ (LV) is a French fashion house. Currently, Louis Vuitton is ranked 14th on the Forbes World’s Most Valuable Brands list along with being the most valued luxury brand in the world; gaining profit margins of 40%, making it one of the most profitable brands globally. Louis Vuitton produces a vast amount of products including travel luggage, handbags, accessories, shoes, jewellery and books (as defined from their sales website subcategories). The brand associates themselves with the ‘explore and travel’ notion, offering suitcases or holdalls. Introduced in 1924, Louis Vuitton identify their holdalls as ‘Keepalls’ thus providing a feature to differentiate it from holdalls designed by competitors. The range of holdall sizes also have specific identifications to specify the size of each holdall; they are named by ‘45, 50, 55, 60’ associating with the length of the holdall in centimeters.

Brand History
A brief history of the brand: when it was created and any significant events or changes, changes in ownership etc.

Louis Vuitton has a strong heritage of over 150 years. Louis Vuitton decided to open his first Paris workshop in 1854. Louis Vuitton was made popular through Vuitton’s flat-bottomed trianon canvas trunks, which are easy for stacking.

To protect the brand from increasing number of counterfeits in 1876 Louis Vuitton Protection Against Duplication,

Louis Vuitton passed away in 1892 and his son Georges Vuitton inherited the business. He then came up with the Signature Monogram Canvas and made a worldwide patent on it,
Marc Jacobs became the Artistic Director in 1997 enhancing the brand as a luxury travel brand by…...

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