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Explore the ways that Barrett Browning and Duffy present love in their poems.

Both the poets have different approach towards love, though they both share the same theme. Both the poets have penned their poems in different time frames, which would affect their style and manner of writing such as Barrett Browning using “thee” and “thine” opposed to the more modern and widely used “you” and “you’re” which is used by Carol Ann Duffy.

Both Carol Ann Duffy and Barrett Browning utilize the themes of nature and religion to portray the power of love. In Carol Ann Duffy’s poem “Rapture”, she shows that love is natural by relating love to natural occurrences. She relates, “falling in love” to a “tiger”. By using the word tiger, she could mean two things: she could be saying that love is very strong, powerful and dangerous and has the capability to harm/kill, or she could be saying that love is rare and sudden and you cannot predict when it’ll hit you. As Duffy compares love to nature, it widens her definition of love as nature expresses the implications of being strong and powerful to the reader. This shows to the readers that Carol Ann Duffy has used nature as an example to show the power of love and how she interprets love throughout the relationship as her mood varies. This could also suggest that the author is connected and enjoys natural things such as the flowing of a river and the vastness of the “heavy sky”. By using the phrase “heavy sky”, the author uses personification to show the liveliness of nature around her and how they interact with her and affect her love towards her lover. This shows us that nature has a heavy impact on Carol Ann Duffy’s portrayal of love and her poems. Moreover, in Barrett Browning’s poems, she uses the theme of religion to show the power of love, and how it greatly affects her attitude towards love. In the 43rd Sonnet, Barrett...

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