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Love Is Not Enough

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''I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand , as in what direction we are moving : to reach the port of heaven , we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes agaist it , but we must sail ,and not drift , nor lie at anchor'' Michael Gates , a young man and Damien Weston his embittered antagonist ,dies in a horrific accident they awaken to view heaven and all it's splendors. glorious sights are witnessed and love abounds. but more is transpiring than meets the eye , each person in heaven will be confronted by past hurts and must choose to forgive for that is the only way to remain in heaven our first 22 days in heaven confronts the issues of hate , love and their battle to reign supreme.
The young protagonist an inexperienced teen just learning to drive is killed in a tragic auto accident that also takes his mother and sister as well as a couple in an oncoming car. the accident is caused by his swerving into anotherlane to avoid hitting a little girl on a runaway trycycle in the antechambers of heaven , described in dazzling and delightful detail , there are monuments to great things done for god in this life. our young driver has an monument inscription ''greater love has no one than this to lay down one's life for one's friends''.
To his heroic sacrifice of his own life to save the child he reflexively did what he could to avoid hitting the child , a good and natural reaction normally , but he sacrificed four other lives , just as valuable to god and others as that of the child without their consent , there is nothing heroic in this , just a tragic set of circumstances and certainly nothing to be rewarded for with an external monument in heaven.
Overall i highly recommend this book because scriptures are used to support a interesting story about what god could hold in store for us in heaven. it also does a good job in telling how...

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Love Is Not Enough

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