Love Letter to a Piece of Technology

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To What Piece of Technology Would You Write a ‘Love Letter’?

Dear Computer,
It is true, that I’ve never addressed my feeling towards you in letter, although we spent extraordinary amounts of time together. For this, I owe you a special gesture in form of a letter.
Since our beginning in 2009, we’ve had some good times – especially those revolving around playing games and browsing the web, but also the ones that includes me typing in my homework on you. Those were the very best, and I wouldn’t use any other computer in the world for this particular assignment.
With that in mind, I should take this opportunity to explain why I sometimes use other computers – it’s not that I don’t enjoy your company or that you’ve become technologically outdated, it’s simply a matter of convenience. I invested in this nifty little laptop, not to replace you, but so I didn’t have to bring you all the way to school every day, because, let’s face it, you are somewhat heavy. The Intel Q9450 CPU and 16 GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM really make the weight go up, along with the ATI 5850 GFX-card. But it’s these little details that I appreciate about you.
Anyways, I should probably tell you how much you really mean to me, and as you can probably tell by all the countless hours I spend using you, it’s a whole lot. I don’t think it’s going too far as to say that I deeply and utterly love you! You’ve made my life better by being so vast in computing power, so ever silent while powered on and you’ve never-ever failed me.
Ever since the first time I laid eyes on you and your beautiful Asus P5E64 WS Evolution motherboard, I just knew that I had to own you. Those shiny new DDR3 busses, 4 PCI-E 3.0 sockets and 6 SATA slots really made my legs soft, and my fascination grew even more when I noticed that you had not one, but two RJ-45 Ethernet adapters with gigabit support!
All of these features led…...