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1. Which of the following does not affect the form and content of working papers?
a. Nature and complexity of the business
b. Form of the auditor's report
c. Specific audit methodology and technology used in the course of the audit.
d. Estimated audit fee agreed upon between the client and the auditor.

2. Which of the following need not be documented in the working papers as required by PSA 230(Clarified)?
a. Audit evidence obtained, the audit procedures applied and the testing performed have provided sufficient competent evidential matter to afford a reasonable basis for an opinion.
b. The work has been adequately planned and supervised.
c. A sufficient understanding of the internal control structure had been obtained to plan the audit and to determine the nature, timing and extent of tests to be performed.
d. Basis in choosing the members of the audit engagement team.

3. When planning an audit, which of the following is not a factor that affects auditors' decisions about the quantity, type, and content of audit working papers?
a. The auditors' need to document compliance with financial reporting standards.
b. The existence of new sales contracts important for the client's business.
c. The auditors' judgment about their independence with regard to the client. d, The auditors' judgments about materiality.

4. An audit working paper that shows the detailed evidence and procedures regarding the balance in the accumulated depreciation account for the year under audit will be found in the
a. Current file evidence working papers.
b. Permanent file working papers.
c. Administrative working papers in the current file.
d. Planning memorandum in the current file.

5. The audit working paper that reflects the major components of an amount reported in the financial statements is the
a. Interbank transfer schedule. c.…...

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...Hate Crimes – Cause and Effects AIU Online Abstract This essay will look at motives of an individual and the people that may be targeted by their deviance. What causes an individual to deviate from the norms of society will be discussed along with the effects it has on an individual and members of the community. At last we will look at laws and education that may be useful in minimizing the occurrence of these deviances. Hate Crimes – Cause and Effects Hate crimes it seems are the newest deviances in our social justice vocabulary. Specific hate crime statutes started being passed by state legislatures in the late 80’s following research that showed an escalation of crime that was triggered by prejudice (Hate Crime). Emile Durkheim proposed the structural-functional approach to deviance saying that it is a necessary function to set and affirm our moral boundaries (Macionis, ch. 9, pp 197). But what is a hate crime; do we need a special classification for them and what type of individual would commit these acts? Crimes that are committed due to prejudices of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and other reasons are said to be hate motivated. Unfortunately, the federal government and the thirty plus states that have hate crime statutes cannot come together to agree or precisely define its meaning (Hate Crime). This confusion exists because of the first amendment rights to free speech and the difficulty in regulating individual’s beliefs. To find out who the...

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