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In the text Love-Orange the main theme is love and losing, because she experience throughout the text, the way she loves her imaginary orange and losing people around her: “That summer I saw more clearly the worlds awaited. Is was filled with many deaths that seemed to tie all the strands of my life together and which bore some oblique relationship to both the orange and the doll” (P 2, L23 – 26), in this quote she realise that people around her die, the girl is well a known of her problems and insecurities and she sees the dead as a part of her life, she accept it, because there is only a defined amount of love to one person with she describes as a love - orange. Although the death takes a lot of people around her, she sees the funeral as a vacation, a time to come out of the house and a break from her own world.

She is smart but childish at the same time, that can only mean that she is older than 10 years, I would say that she where a teenager, because her grandparents where still alive. The girl, that we do not know the name of, often hides under the bed when strangers come by her grand parents house, where she lives. Every time strangers come by, she would say these words to her dog: “A world outside” (P 1 L 8), the dog is a bit redundant in the text, but still an object that is used to support the fact that she is a bit more like other people. She is different, and she thinks she lives in a ‘inside’ world, that is one of the reasons why her grandmother dressed her all white to the neighbours funeral, the other reason why she is dressed all white, is the fact that, she sees the place people come to in the second life, is a place filled with butterflies, sunlight and sweetness. As a symbol, white is the opposite of black that often is a symbol for evil. White is a colour associated with innocence, perfection, and as an angel. When she sees her neighbours that she does not have a relationships with, is laying dead I front of her, she feels the need to help her, and gives her a red rubber ball, which is a symbol for her love-orange to the woman, so she could take it to this mystery land of sweetness, but when her grandmother immediately stops her, she sees no butterflies and no sunlight.

The orange and the doll are like a hero and a villain. Because when she tries to extend her love to her dog or her grandmother, she would feel like the orange in her hand is gone, and the room would be filled by the doll with she does not like. That’s why she tries to burn the evil in her life, under a tree of love. The reason why she would adore to burn it, is because she feels like all the evil she knows is trying to squish all the love out of the orange and she know the evil is like a sickness that nobody should ever know about. “Love, I thought was like an orange, a fixed and sharply defined amount, limited, finite. Each person had this amount of love to distribute as he may” (P 1 L 15 – 18). When her grandmother felt to the ground, and her mother comes in to the text, it is a reflex to give her love orange to her, but she says it out loud but when she let her grandmother know that see lives in a different world, the illustrations and expatiations she haves about her love-orange die, because nothing happens. Her mother takes her out of the room, and she thinks of the doll, which she knows sees not just only as a villain, but now as a killer.

When she leaves her world, it’s like a tunnel of darkness, in the tunnel she walks away from her childish side and her childhood. She has become the doll, with no feeling in her hands where the love-orange where supposed to be.

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