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Love & Relationships: Then & Now

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Love and Relationships: Then and Now Love at first sight can seem unattainable. Some people claim to have known that they were supposed to be with someone the second they met them, and some say that one cannot experience love at first sight because one does not really know someone until they spend quality time with the person they believe that they are meant to be with. The concept and accepted, societal definition of a real, serious relationship has changed so much throughout history, and Taming of the Shrew and 10 Things I Hate About You are two examples that show this progression. In the 1600’s, relationships and love were very rare, men just wanted to marry the most beautiful woman; whereas in modern times, relationships are portrayed as much more casual. In Shakespeare’s play, Taming of the Shrew, marriage is a very important concept, but it is very different than it is now. It is the fathers job to give away his daughters to the most wiling suitor, or the man who makes the best deal. If a suitor is interested in pursuing and marrying someone, the suitor will approach the daughter’s father and meet with him. They write a contract, willing things to the suitor and the father’s daughter for when the father dies, such as large proportions of land, or his home. If the daughter has multiple suitors, the father will choose who presented him with the best contract, not necessarily who loves his daughter the most or who his daughter wants to be with. Petruchio and Katharina’s marriage is a good example, because her father gives Katharina to Petruchio because of the contract Petruchio presented to him.
Baptista, Katharina’s father, is in desperate need of giving his daughter to someone. Katharina is portrayed as a shrew and none of the men want to be with her; whereas, her sister, Bianca, is the lovely, sweet, beautiful one and all the men want to be with her....

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