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Love vs. Sex

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Change of Weapons
Love vs. Sex

Mike Lago
Prof. Inestroza
ENG210: Latin American Literature
February 21st, 2013

Sex, it can be a casual encounter between two people, or it can be that magical moment where two come together and make something more out of their relationship. The science behind it can get far too complicated, but when the sparks fly it is a moment most do not forget. Leading into now the stories written by Luisa Valenzuela. Her female characters all experience sexual encounters one way or another, some much more pleasant then others. The difference of some of their encounters differs greatly though. Some experienced true lovemaking, where emotions soared. Others had a casual encounter where pleasure was the only concern of both parties involved. In the essay, I Am Your Horse in the Night; Luisa Valenzuela tells the story of a young girl who is clearly very much in love with a guerilla fighter in the dirty war in Argentina. When she hears the knock on the door, her stomach drops. Is it really him? Is it her horse in the night? The door opens and there is her horse, with music and drink in hand. Risking everything to come see his true love. He does not fool around at all. He gets right to the point, Chiquita come with me, come to bed with me, he says. Many in our class described their relationship as purely sex. But why? Why would Beto come all the way from Brazil, just to have sex with a girl who he did not even love? To me, it just does not make sense. Beto has to have a sense of love for this woman. To travel to her house, risk being captured by the government, all for just sex. No. The way Beto feels for her it quite apparent. There are plenty of other women in Brazil he could’ve picked from, but there was only one woman who he wanted. The desire he had to be with her was worth everything to him. Both feel...

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