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Love with Rome

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Falling in love for some remains a mystery, how my experiences will show we fall in love because love is a quiet understanding, mutual understanding, sharing and forgiving. It has loyalty that goes through good and bad times, where we need someone to lean on. Weeks before my birthday, I wondered how my birthday would go. Would it be a good birthday or just a horrible birthday? The school bell rings, “Ughh, off to class, the semester just started and I hate it” as I whispered. As soon I walked through the door, my eyes stared through the class trying to find a comfortable place to sit. In my mind, I said “This must be Global”. Just then I made eye contact with him. He was unfamiliar, I knew a couple of people throughout the class. But he was different. I kept staring at him, looking up and down. He was tall, slim, dorky looking with long blond hair. I decided to sit in front of him, I thought to myself best decision I made. Teacher called us name by name, ready to assign us seats to sit in order. As soon I was called, he behind me was called. His name was R. I smiled to myself but thoughts of “what an unusual name. It’s cute.” I suddenly caught myself smiling and blushing. Why was I blushing over someone I don’t know? Suddenly we’re assigned to work with a partner. I looked around and there was no one I wanted to work with it. I feel someone’s finger lay upon my shoulder. I turn around and there goes R asking me to work with him. We introduce ourselves to each other. As I’m answering to the questions of the assignment, I wonder what type of person he is. Teacher decided to call R to answer a question. He manages to get it wrong, I giggle to myself and whisper “What a dumb ass”. Bell rings, and I start packing to head off to another class, I looked behind me only to see him gone. While in another class, I see him pass by. Suddenly I ask the teacher to let me use the bathroom. I follow him behind trying not to get noticed by him. I realize I’m coming off as a creep, so I turn around and head back to class. I start wondering why I am doing foolish things. The next day, I’m assigned to work with R. While working with him, I catch myself staring at him and creepily smiling. Just then R decides to ask if I use social networks, and I shyly say yes. I give him my accounts. I reach him rushing towards my computer wondering if he added me on Facebook. I scroll through my friend requests and see his name. I quickly accept. An hour later, I check Facebook and see a message from R. He asks me personal questions such as my full name, age, what I like to do etc. I decide to keep being mysterious and not answer any of the questions. As days past by we talk more and more at school. I find it odd how much we match. Our mind seems to connect. My birthday has finally arrived. I was excited but nervous also. As soon I reached global, R sneaks up behind me and tells me Happy Birthday. Then he hands me a small teddy puppy bear. I smile and giggle. “Aww you didn’t have to get me anything”, I told him. He smiles back at me, “It’s nothing special”. Weeks pass by and my heart starts beating every time I see or talk to R. I suddenly have this passion of wanting to become closer to him as one. One day, off guard R suddenly asks to date me. I suddenly freeze and wonder why he would date me. “Am I even your type, do I seem special towards you.” Another week passes by and I’m still ignoring R. Another week passes by and I’m still undecided about dating him. It doesn’t take another month where we both finally end up dating. But I kept being nervous dating him. I tell him that we should look at what Teen couples do. I also tell him that we should keep us dating as a secret. He doesn’t agree about keeping us dating a secret. “Am I an embarrassment towards you? Is it because we’re two different races?” I tell him none of that is why I want to keep the relationship a secret. It’s because I don’t want everyone in our business. But I was lying to myself. I was afraid of being judged for dating someone different. It wasn’t a week later; it was revealed we both were dating. Months pass by and we’re both happy with each other. We know each other way better than before. I liked walking around with him, going out to eat with him. But I especially liked talking to him on the phone for hours. After months of dating we both realize that we love each other. We suddenly became two beautiful birds chasing each other. Linking arms and committing memories in a photo, Listening to his heartbeat. I loved the person, that I wanted to be reborn to meet him again. We had strong dreams. It felt weird to be dreaming about a future with R. Our love felt like we both were walking on clouds. The relationship between R and I has gone by slow. We built the relationship to understand each other. Suddenly misunderstandings after another, our love has slowly drifted apart. Countless arguments, our hearts hurt. Tears formed, but soon after we slowly embraced our heart. After countless arguments we came to realize that we shouldn’t let small things affect our love. Was it his flaws or my flaws that we started having countless arguments? I felt like a loser addicted to games. R was everything to me. Whenever I was sad, R was there to comfort me. I thought it was fate that brought us to each other. Every time I closed my eyes, I only dreamt about him. On days we were separated, I only thought of him. I suddenly began wondering if he thought of me too, the way I thought of him. But I felt like I shouldn’t worry. If R didn’t love me the same I did, why would he still be with me? It was interesting to have someone who could understand me, share the same interests as me. Sometimes we would sit across each other and stare with our eyes saying a million words. But our love being lost has come sooner than we both expected. I always expected him to always read my mind. I wouldn’t say things I felt uncomfortable about towards him. I expected him to read my mind, but I shouldn’t expect R to. But expecting him to read my mind would lead do a ugly breakup.

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