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Lover Calls Us to the Things of This World Lover Calls Us to the Things of This World

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Lover Calls us to the Things of this World 1

Lover Calls us to the Things of this World
Heather Waltman
ENG125: Introduction to Literature

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Lover Calls us to the Things of this World The poem I am choosing is Love Call us to the Things of this World by Richard Wilbur. This poem speaks of a man or woman who woke up from a night’s sleep. In this story I feel it is saying that no matter where life takes you one can do anything.

In Wilbuer’s poem he gives us an insight into a spiritual world. He talks about how love can make you do crazy things for some one. There are all kinds of love when it comes to the spiritual part of love. This whole poem is talking about love and things that inter wind with the poem.

The pulleys awake the man or women not a lot just enough for them to realize that they did not want to wake up. This is a feeling that God wanted them to know not to be scared and that he will guide them through anything and will help them as long as they want him too. God also wants them to know not to run from him.
Lover Calls us to the Things of this World 3

In Wilbuer’s third section he talks about how a man or women is ready to accept what has for them to do rather it is good or bad. He also talks about how you should accept what God has for you, because God is not going to make you do things that will get you in trouble. He might make you do things you do not want to do, but it is only, because he knows what you are capable of doing in the world.

The last section of Wilbuer’s poem is talking about had god has them seeing how the world…...

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