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Lower Standards Weaker Army

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Lower Standards, Weaker Army

Due to the U.S. Army low enlistment rate it was decided to lower the requirements for entry to the service. The standards have been lowered in areas like health, physical condition, age and even criminal records (Joining with criminal record, not dated). The Army is giving recruits bigger incentive bonuses to join the service. This makes people join the service for monetary reasons rather than the will to serve the country. Due to these adjustments, the Army is having a bigger drop-out rate and higher crime rate than ever before. Soldiers are just not as qualified as they should be. In the long run this will weaken the military to a devastating outcome. I remember when I first joined the military, it took me about three full months to complete the screening and entry process before I was finally able to shipped for basic training. This process included everything from drug screening, physical fitness tests, psychological screening and educational knowledge (Joining the Army, not dated). I even had to take a test in order to find out which jobs did I qualified for. Even though I was ready to join right away I still had to wait the necessary time for all the process to be completed.
Once I arrive at boot camp things weren’t as easy as I expected. There were many long days and lots of screaming from the drill sergeants. They always used to push us to our limits on everything from physical tiredness to mental stress. I used to get punished all the time and forced to do some kind of physical activity for reasons that were really uncalled for. This was their way of training our body to a new physical condition. I almost never got enough rest at night as we had to guard different places or equipment through the night. This all came into account once I started the real work in my assigned unit. I trained all the time under a great amount...

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