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Lower the Legal Drinking Age

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Lower the Legal Drinking Age

Lower the Legal Drinking Age Drinking has become a rite of passage. Many young people count the days to their 21st birthday because they finally can drink legally. This journey into adulthood causes confusion considering other milestones are reached at 18. Upon reaching maturity, young people can vote, serve in the military, and marry without consent. If an 18-year-old can make such significant, life-changing decisions, he or she should have the right lawfully to consume alcohol. In 1984, Congress passed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, which necessitated that states increase the public possession and buying age of alcohol to 21 or federal funding for highways was reduced. Each state complied to receive its annual allotment. Prior to 1984, the legal drinking age varied for each state. According to the article, “The Top Five Reasons We Should Keep The Drinking Age At 21,” our lives and futures of our children rely on continued support of not lowering the national drinking age. There are valid arguments throughout the article and after researching the data online most of the information is accurate. However, the author did not list any references, which makes the article lose credibility. There are no logical fallacies but without citations, the piece seems like one person’s opinion and not a reliable source. The futures of our children depend on parents and their ability to teach their children to be responsible. Lowering the drinking age will not minimize that fact. Life is about choices and an 18-year-old has plenty to make as an adult. How a parent raises a child helps he or she formulate a strong foundation. Personal values are pertinent when electing not to do drugs, making sexually educated decisions, and pursuing higher education. It is a parent’s task to instill sound principles...

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...Lower the Legal Drinking Age to 18 Danielle Gonzales The government can trust those between the age of 18 and 20 to do many things, but they cannot treat them like full adults and allow them to drink alcohol. You will find that many Colleges and Universities disagree with the legal drinking age. In fact, they believe that rising the drinking age has increased the amount of ‘binge’ drinkers and only made our countries drinking problems worse. Eighty-five percent of twenty year old Americans reported that they had used alcohol. (Johnson) Two out of five said they had binged within the previous month. To ‘binge,’ is to consume five or more drinks at one time. (Engs) “The period since the twenty-one minimum drinking age took affect has been marked by a shift from beer to hard liquor,” Seaman wrote in Time “consumed not in large social settings, since that is now illegal, but furtively and dangerously in students residences. In my reporting at colleges around the country, I did not meet any presidents or deans who felt the twenty-one year age minimum helps their efforts to curb the abuse of alcohol on their campuses.” (Balk) A kid is going to drink if he or she wants to regardless whether the law says eighteen or twenty-one. In an alcohol related situation you are more likely going to hear “I don’t drink, thank you,” than “I better not, I’m not 21 yet.” When colleges and University presidents disagree with the drinking age, something has got to be done. If the drinking age...

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...II 5/21/12 Why We Should Keep the Drinking Age at Twenty-one Imagine winning the State Basketball Championship. You get back to your house with a few friends and feel a party is in order, so you start drinking a few beers after your parents go to bed. Someone suggests that you drive somewhere to get rid of the empty cans. “Yes, that’s not a bad idea”, so you all pile into the car and take off. A few hours later, your parents receive a telephone call to come down to the station. There has been a terrible accident, and they must identify the body. This is the one phone call all parents dread. This true story is detailed in the Germantown, Tennessee high school newspaper. Stories like this compel me to believe that the legal drinking age should be kept at twenty-one. Almost every state set a legal drinking age of twenty-one, the legal voting age at the time, after prohibition was repealed. Between 1970 and 1975, twenty-nine states lowered the voting age from twenty-one to eighteen, twenty-nine states also lowered their drinking age to eighteen or nineteen. During the late seventies, studies showed that traffic crashes had drastically increased after lowering the drinking age. Once this was announced publicly, many groups created a movement to increase the minimal drinking age, and sixteen states responded. The Uniform Drinking Act was passed in 1984. This strongly encouraged the remaining thirteen states to raise their drinking age. If the states would not......

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...Highway Policy Age—it is nothing but a number—as many people say. With age comes wisdom, and with wisdom, wise decisions are made. Maintaining the minimum legal drinking age at 21 will deter life-long consequences, decrease traffic fatalities in result of alcohol consumption, and relieve issues in relation to public safety. In 1984, the National Minimum Drinking Age Act mandated that all states increase the minimum age purchase and consumption to 21. Under the Federal Highway Aid act, also referred to as the National Interstate of Defense Highways Act which was established in 1956, states that do not adhere to this requirement faced a highway-fund cutback consequence. Underage drinking, which affects many adolescent-and-young-adult households, is a problem and a significant public health concerns. It is correlated with an abundant array of damaging consequences (Spoth, Greenberg, & Turrisi, 2009, pg. 1, para. 1). Over the past several decades or so, the Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) has raised debate in the United States. The influence to decrease the MLDA from 21 to 18, 19, or 20 came from a decrease in the legal voting age to 18. A total of 29 states lowered their MLDA between the years of 1970 to 1975. Because of this poorly thought through revision, traffic collision due to alcohol consumption have dramatically increased in adults between the ages of 18-20. With such dramatic outcomes of the MLDA, state-level movements to reverse the MLDA back to the age of 21......

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...Topic: Drinking Age in the United States Specific Purpose: to motivate my audience to protest for lowering the Drinking Age from 21 Central Idea: Lowering the legal alcohol consumption age will reduce the rate of underage drinking charges: INTRODUCTION I. The Attention Step A. 10.4 million kids reported drinking last year so obviously this law is not working. The average teen begins drinking at 14, seven years before they can legally drink. 1. I’m sure at least a few of you have taken some of your parents alcohol without them knowing about it or have participated in underage drinking at some point in your life up to now and if not you might in college. 2. If you haven’t and don’t plan on it because it is illegal, just know that if the legal drinking age were changed, one would have nothing to think about. Transition: So why do we need to lower the drinking age? II. The Need Step: A. Since the drinking age was raised teens have tended to drink in more of an abusive manor. 1. In 2011 in the United States, 13,000 underage kids died from alcohol poisoning. The next closest country had just 5,000. 2. If the number of underage drinking charges in America reduces, then the overall rate of crime in America will drop therefore making America a safer country. 3. A recent Kansas City newspaper asked 8,726 students if the drinking age should be lowered. Out of 8,726 asked 7,992 said yes B. Underage kids want to consume alcohol and them not being of legal age will not be...

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