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I. Introduction
A. Attention Getting Device:
How many of you have been affected or know someone who has been affected by a drunk driving incident?
B. Proposition:
Lowering the legal blood alcohol content is just.
C. Relevant Statement:
According to the National Transportation Safety Board, every year 173,000 people are affected by alcohol-impaired driving. And 10,000 of those lost their lives. Drunk driving has also cost the nation around $130 billion.
D. Preview Statement:
I will start with explaining the value object and hierarchy, then criteria, and lastly application.
II. Body
(I will begin by first explaining my value object and value hierarchy.)
1. Value Object:
The blood alcohol content of a person to be considered to drunk to drive is a .08. A level where operating a vehicle is considered to be unsafe.
2. Value Hierarchy:
a. Value 1:
Public safety is the prevention of and from events that could endanger the safety of the general public.
b. Value 2:
Safety is the condition of being protected against anything that could be considered non-desirable.
c. Value 3:
Economic value is the amount of money to be considered equivalent to something else.

(Now that I have defined the value object and hierarchy, here’s my criteria.)
B. Criteria:
1. The reduction of the legal blood alcohol level should reduce the amount of alcohol-impaired traffic incidence.
2. Keeping people safe by lowering the legal blood alcohol content to .05 should boost the nations morale.
3. The reduction of traffic incidents that involved alcohol should save money. (Now that I have explained about my value object, hierarchy, and criteria, I will now talk about my applications.)
C. Applications
1. Argument 1:
Lowering the legal blood alcohol content will save lives. The legal level being lowered from .08 to .05 will keep the driver more aware and responsive. In an article titled, Effects At Specific B.A.C. Levels, posted on A blood alcohol level of .07-.09 most people start to suffer from “Slight impairment of balance, speech, vision, reaction time, and hearing.” Having these affects on your body and getting into a car and driving, places everybody that is on the same road as you at great risk. In 1995 when all states lowered the legal blood alcohol level from a .10 to .08 many lives were saved, and many more can be saved if it is yet lowered again to .05.
2. Argument 2:
Keeping the people safe by lowering the legal blood alcohol content to .05 will boost our nations morale. By keeping people feeling safer and less worrisome while they are driving will raise peoples emotions and change some peoples opinions on driving. According to Trip Gabriel, in an article titled Quelling Anxiety Across the Chesapeake, that was posted on the New York Times website, on May 26, 2013, people can develop “a fear of driving”. These can be set off by the occurrence of a traumatic event, such as a severe accident.
3. Argument 3:
With less traffic incidents, our government can spend taxpayers money on more important things. If there are fewer crashes, then there is less money spent paying for the crashes to be cleaned up. In an article by Deborah Hersman, titled Follow Up on a Life-Saving Trend, from Which was posted on May 17, 2013. “Crashes involving alcohol-impaired driving cost $132 billion, or twice the cost of hurricane sandy.”
III. Conclusion:
A. Review Statement:
I have now covered the value object, hierarchy, criteria, and the applications of why lowering the legal blood alcohol content is just.
B. Re-State the Proposition:
Lowering the legal blood alcohol content is just.
C. Tie Back to the Attention Getting Device:
In conclusion, now that you know some of the facts about drunk driving, and how lowering the legal blood alcohol content would save lives and money every year. Don’t you think that lowering the legal blood alcohol content is just?

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