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Lowes Vs Home Depot

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Lowes has been in existence 30 years prior to Home Depot’s entrance into the retail home improvement industry (Forbes, 2015). According to the Forbes (2015) Article, both retail giants functional strategies are very similar. Both Lowes and Home Depot approach the market in innovative ways and target the same customers. Both retailers are looking to attract consumers who desire a more technological way to purchase their home improvement needs. Home Depot and Lowes focus on making for an exciting web experience and focusing on improving customer online experiences

The existing contrast from Lowes is that Home Depot target those customers additionally that are not professional in home improvement and prefer to complete small projects on there

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...major players in the home improvement industry. The biggest in The Home Depot. The other, while smaller having 502 less stores, is still a giant of the industry (Cramer, 2013). Through the recession Lowe’s stood while well The Home Depot fumbled. Lowe’s faces competition from opponents other than just The Home Depot as it expands beyond America. As Lowe’s seeks to enter the Canadian and Australian markets it will encounter more diversity than it has experiences so far. The complexities of doing business abroad and opening stores afar will become even more apparent as their international tactics change. Despite the challenges Lowe’s should expand further to become an even bigger player both nationally and globally. Global Competition’s Impact on Lowes In 2009, Lowes had 1,710 stores found throughout Canada and United States, 16 of these found outside the United States, with three stores in Mexico that opened in 2010, allowing for their exposure to bring them to a new level of sales internationally. (“Lowes Companies”, 2012) After much research it is found five competitors could impact Lowes, the #2 home improvement dealer in the world (Racine, 2012), but on different levels. The first competition is the main competition of Lowes, Home Depot, #1 in the world since 2005, (“Lowes Companies”, 2012) is expanding its sales by bringing in more Hispanics to get the attraction they need from the Hispanic community. (Racine, 2012) Unlike, Lowes, Home Depot has 262 stores that...

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...having a competitor. Developing strategies for your competitor is key, “The underlying goal of strategy development is competitive differentiation,” (Kurtz, 2012, p. 230). The companies presented below demonstrate the perfect example of business competition. The home improvement industry has been experiencing rapid growth since the late 70’s. Due to the capital effect, consumers would spend high amounts of cash and credit on improving their most prized and expensive possession, their homes. As a result, the home improvement industry experienced quick development and progress. This is what led to the opening of two mega home improvement stores known as The Home Depot and Lowes Companies, INC. The Home Depot which was founded, “1978 in Atlanta, Georgia and has since become the world's largest home improvement retailer, operating more than 1,500 stores”, (Brumley, 2012). Although not as international as its competitor Home Depot, Lowes is a “$26 billion retailer of a complete line of home improvement products and equipment. The company serves more than seven million do-it-yourself and commercial business customers each week through 875 stores in 45 states,” (Brumley, 2012). The difference between a Lowe's store and a Home Depot has been fairly clear-cut up to now. Presentation counts at Lowe's. Its warehouse-style...

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...The financial statement evaluation is complete as agreed. Outlined in this memo is an outline of the corporate stability of Company G. Listed are 13 ratios used to determine financial strengths and weaknesses. Each ratio is individually explained so there is a clear knowledge of what the gathered numerical information implies. Lastly, the company is compared with other companies in the home improvement industry to determine if it meets market standards. Current Ratio – 1.75 The company’s has a current ratio of 1.75 placing it in 58th percentile which is an indication of weakness. The Company G’s current ratio compared to last year is on a downward trend. That means that for each dollar spent, only 75 cents can be saved. This ratio is used to establish the company’s capacity to cover short-term financial obligations. It is calculated by dividing current liabilities by current assets. A company ratio of less than one is an indicator that signals the likelihood of Company G’s inability to cover short-term debts if they became due and payable. The company with the lowest ranking was Home Depot and Company G is vaguely beating their numbers. This is a weakness for the Company G. The company’s current ratio drops beneath the first quartile of 3.1 and also under the second quartile of 2.1. Acid-test Ratio – 0.42 This is a stringent indicator calculated similarly to the current ratio determining a company’s ability to pay off short-term debt. A ratio less than...

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