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As laws, policies, and technological design increasingly structure people's relationships with social institutions, individual privacy faces new threats and new opportunities. Over the last several years, the realm of technology and privacy has been transformed, creating a landscape that is both dangerous and encouraging. If we talk about privacy is overrated issues which is manger problem everywhere. According to In David Plotz's "Privacy Is Overrated," he starts by telling everthing that happen to him and on the other hand, James Mintz group which is an investigation firm learned all of this in few hours about him through the computer, and if they spent more time they could have gotten his Social Security number. Further, he states that surveillance cameras watch him in the mall, public streets, and even his own personal computer is spying on him. He refers to things called “cookies,” which track your movements on the internet and which identify what type of websites you like to view. In his closing remarks he talks about small town America, and how everybody knew what you have done; finishing with the internet and how it is creating something called real privacy. “Real privacy is what allows us to share hopes, dreams, safely expose faults and still be oved.” (Plotz 63) He believes that the internet is the best way to share feelings, have a sense of belonging; moreover, he claims, “To be less private sometimes is to have more privacy. To be less private is to be more ourselves.” (Plotz 63). Secondly, every individual is entitled to the right to privacy and measures should be taken to address these issues in the new technology. An advanced technology can be very useful is properly handled but it can also presents with a lot of damage risks if misused. On the other hand, privacy can be described as the ability of not exposing an individual in any way to...

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