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Lp4 Assignment Changing Habits

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LP4 Assignment: Changing Habits
Nail Biting Habit
Student: Kathryn Crandall
National American University
January 15, 2016

Nail Biting Habit

The nail biting habit began 42 years ago on the first day of kindergarten. I remember the day clearly because I was not in favor of attending this place called school. My parents had been preparing me all summer with asking me to practice saying and writing the alphabet and numbers. I also remember how tired I was of having to do this almost daily and at times would refuse to comply.
I barely remember the day of the open house when I got to tour the classroom and meet the teacher. To be honest, I think I didn’t want to acknowledge that this visit meant anything because I convince myself that I was not going to attend this place called school. The next thing I knew mom was bringing me to the bus stop and I was pleading with her to not make me go because I was scared. My pleading did not work because the next thing I knew I was at school.
Once in our classroom, we were again introduced to the teacher. I notice some of the other kids also were crying as I had been, except one girl name Becky looked as if she was chewing on her fingertips. Few minutes later we were asked to take small mat from the stack to sit on in a circle. I made sure that I was next to Becky because I was curious about how she can chew on her fingertips and it didn’t seem to hurt her.
I had quit crying by the time Becky and I got seated upon our mats. However, though I was still very nervous, my curiosity got the best of me and I just had to ask Becky why she was chewing her fingertips. I asked her and she replied, “I’m not chewing my fingertips, I’m biting my nails because I am scared and want to go home!” And she began to cry even more. If memory serves me correctly Becky was removed from the classroom because her crying was distracting the rest...

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