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Ls312 Final Project Part 1

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Ethics and the Legal Environment: Theories and Moral Development
Final Project Part 1

Angalee Payne
Ethics and the Legal Environment

Angalee Payne
Ethics and the Legal Environment

As a member of the Energy Cooperative we holds luncheons and public conferences at partner locations throughout the US and couple of cities abroad. United through the web, the Energy Cooperative has 400,000 members worldwide who pay yearly dues to the cooperative. Portion of our dues get sent home for upkeep of the website. All of us members vote on proposals at hand, whether it would be policy changes, purchases over $100, and other matters that affect the cooperative. We meet by conference calls once a month. We are self-employed consultants that have no allegiance to a particular company and must sign an agreement to that affect. The question at hand is can one of the directors call their personal potential clients and state, “I am calling as a director of the Energy Cooperative.” Should we allow the directors state such a thing when calling their clients? Does this affect the Energy Cooperative? What is the best solution? We are going to look over the 5 theories to see if this would be ethical or unethical. We are going to look at the ethical issues that would allow or prevent the Energy Cooperative from doing so. First I will examine John Locke’s Theory of Rights. John Locke’s Theory of Rights tells us the individuals have the right to make choices without government interferences. He also recognized the importance of natural rights that all persons have. In his view these rights were God-given and were present at the birth of each individual. He felt that human beings were born with certain divine rights, the right to live, the right to liberty, the right to property, etc. Would allowing this be...

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