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LEARNING SELF EVALUATION FORM 1. This week connects to my previous knowledge (either from this class or previous classes), beliefs, and/or experience about injury's. This week was very similar to when I got hurt last year during track. I can only hope that I'm not affected in the same way now.

2. My most important contribution this week was helping with the service learning project. I helped plan out what e are doing for the run. I did this by being in active conversation and using my input.

3. Now that I think about it, I wish that I had said more to the coaches to let them know I was ready to play. I had to waste an entire game because everyone still thinks that I'm hurt.

4. The topic I was most interested in or touched by was coach cross's house. It was interesting hearing about what went wrong with his house. I can only hope that it doesn't happen to me.

5. I still wonder or want to know why I had to get hurt. It was pointless, I wasn’t even hurt for the game. All that happened was I wasted a week in the training room, got excluded from th team and wasted money at the clinic.

6. Now that I know what happens when I get hurt, I have new ways to think, articulate, and/or act in regards to how I display it. Next time I will make sure no one notices I got hurt so I don’t hurt the team.

7. My contribution to the service learning project was being in active conversation and help plan like I said already.

8. My thought for the week is why there was a potato flying around someone's room before someone else came. Also why does it not rain in southern California, much like…...

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