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While reading about “process philosophy” I have read about how communism and socialism exist also about the different form of socialism. How both forms of socialism oppose communism. I paid particular attention to the Fabian form of socialism the most because as the text says that it has been in place here since the 1930s. Fabian socialism took over the Democratic Party and in doing so the United States has experienced socialism since then. It’s easy to look back just during my life time, which is just since the 1980s to see how socialism as effected this country. With the current administration the United States has today we see socialism in full force, with forced health care, welfare programs and unemployment programs to mention a few.
I am going to focus my on how some facet process philosophy on the party platform of the Democratic Party and education. When looking at the Democratic Party it’s easy to see how they facet process philosophy with it beginning in the 1930s when the Fabian socialist took over the party (Prevailing World Views Martin 2006). During the thirties the United States was suffering through the Great Depression, which led to a high unemployment rate and economic collapse. During that time we elect a president who in my view was a socialist who brings out economic reform, social security and the promise a new life. The people of the country at that point were eager to get back to work and to have money back in their pockets were about the promises made but at what cost? During that administration it was the first time that the United States did not have a balanced budget and it was the beginning of the huge amount of debt we have today.
Looking back at it now it’s easy to see how the socialist movement took over then and how it progressed with up until the 1960s (Martin 2006), which led to a generation who questioned every moral thing and...

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