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Lucifer's Spoils

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Lucifer’s Spoils
(Chinese version in English) One sunny day Wong and his wife Ling were planning on going camping. Wong brought his nephew, Chow, and his niece, Ming. They were all excited to share this experience together. As they arrived at the woods they unloaded the car.
“We should hurry, for we only have so much sunlight left,” said Wong.
They hiked for three miles paying close attention to the GPS. They found where they wanted to set up camp at for the night. Wong went out to gather wood for a fire, Ling and the kids stayed and set up camp, As time passed, Wong started to get a bad vibe about the woods. Ming screamed when she walked into a spider web. Thirteen giant spiders slowly walked toward her. Wong arrived in a hurry. He grabbed one of his sticks and fought them off. After he defeated the spiders, he checked on Ming to see if she was okay. Neither of them had seen spiders of such size. As it was getting dark outside, Wong tried to carry on the night eating, joking, and telling stories around the fire.
Wong was dead silent because he still had a bad feeling about these woods. He told his family he would be back and that he had to use the restroom. He then went roaming around the woods and thought he saw a flash of movement ahead of him. Wong tripped and fell over something, about 50 yards away from camp. He looked around and discovered it was an old cemetery with a skeleton. It was half way buried with its finger pointing behind him. So he turned around and saw bodies nailed to the trees that formed in a circle. In the center he saw a pentagram with a bull skull and a human skull inside.
Wong realized that Lucifer, otherwise known as “Wu-Tang”, was standing right before him. Wong simply asks,
“What do you want from me?”
Wu-Tang looked at him and said,
“If you wish to live, you have one night to give me one soul. If you do not bring me a soul, you will die along with your family.” Wong tried to run away but no matter what direction he ran in, he would always end up back at the pentagram. That was when the whispers started, they were coming from every direction. “Wu-Tang clan ain’t nothing to mess with.” Wong quickly went to turn around and ran into a tree and passed out.
Ling and the kids had been out looking for Wong. While he tried to escape, as he was knocked unconscious, he was visited by a spirit from the forest. The spirit explained the history of the woods, and everything that has ever happened here in the woods. As soon as the spirit vanished, Wong woke up with a start when they got back to camp. Wong tried to explain what had happened. They thought he was crazy, until Ling mentioned that she was reading a book called “Urban Legends and Myths” on her Kindle. The legend said that in the early 1800’s a man named Wu-Tang (a stranger to all) cursed all the village people. The villagers became ill and started slowly dying off. It was said only one survived.
“We need to leave now!”
Wong said.
They packed up and began to walk to the car. Wong pulled out his GPS. As they tried to find their way out, his GPS started to glitch and then the spirit’s face popped up and disappeared. As they tried to escape, they kept running but got nowhere. As night fall came and they started to panic. They tried to walk once more when they run into the pentagram with the bodies nailed to the trees with their flesh hanging down, and intestines are sagging down out of their stomachs. Wu-Tang appeared and asked,
“Have you found anyone?” Wong looks at him and says,
“I guess I have no choice, take me and leave them be.”
Wu-Tang agreed and a table appeared out of the ground and the bodies nailed on the trees fell off. He then buckled Wong onto the table, and the dead bodies began to cut him open and nail his skin to the table. Wong soon died after screaming from agonizing pain while the dead bodies began to eat him. Ling and the kids passed out.
After waking up at their car, they immediately left to get away from the woods and head toward town. Ling told the police what happened and they went to check it out. They found no body, pentagram, skulls, or nails, and told Ling she was crazy. Ling then received a picture message with Wong nailed and eaten hanging from a tree. She scrolled down and saw the last word she wanted to see, “Wu-Tang”.

Edited by: Hannah Pierce Barbara Leuschen (Aunt)

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