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Demographic changes are being monitored on traditional and on the existing outbound markets respectively, since these are two markets having various influence factors on the individual exogenous changes which influence development of international tourism.
Recent developments in Tourism on the 21st Century
Tourism is a significant economic factor of nations worldwide. Not only does this help contribute to overall economic gain, but this also enable countries to share their natural resources, gain international recognition and attract prospects for further business transactions. Despite the rise of previous tourism obstacles such as epidemic and terrorism attacks, countries from all over the world attempt to revive their tourism industry through extensive marketing and development. Indeed, the start of the 21st century witnessed various growing tourism trends that other nations followed and applied. Among these are the developments observed in global tourism’s latest visitor attractions. Thus, in this brief essay, the different tourism trends worldwide will be described. How these trends had affected the latest visitor attractions will also be discussed. Latest Trends
Sports Tourism
Sports in general have been an important aspect of global culture; it is in the conduction of sports where language and cultural barriers are replaced by the universal eagerness for such activities. Recently, several sports activities are being held in different countries, which in turn attracted a number of tourists. Diving, golf and yachting are some of the latest activities under sports tourism that are attracting a significant travel market portion, particularly in Europe, Unites States and Japan. The growing interest of foreign travelers for sports attractions is further stressed by the results of a statistical report where 62% of international tourism...

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