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Lung Cancer Outline

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Lung Cancer

|General Purpose: |To inform |
|Specific Purpose: |To inform readers on the causes, effects and treatments of lung cancer. |
| | |


I. What is lung cancer? 
 A. Definition of lung Cancer 1. Medical terminology definition – cancer of a highly malignant form that affects the lungs. 2. Team definition of lung Cancer – a group of abnormal cells that grows uncontrollably and starts off in one or both lungs

(Transition: Let’s examine the causes and risk factors lung cancer.)


I. Causes of Lung Cancer A. Smoking 1. Smokers have a higher risk of smoking due to the cancer causing substances contained in the products they smoke. a. Carcinogens- substances that cause cells to divide faster than normal rates i. Arsenic ii. Cadmium iii. Nickel iv. Vinyl Chloride

B. Second-hand Smoke (Environmental tobacco smoke) 1. Second hand smoke itself is labeled as a human carcinogen 2. Inhaling second hand causes lung cancer in non-smoking adults

C. Radon 1. The Second leading cause of lung cancer. 2. Colorless, odorless gas that is radioactive. Caused by the break down of uranium

D. Asbestos 1. A natural material made up of tiny fibers. It that was once used as thermal...

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