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If you wish to include an accompanying letter, please do so. On

(Version 2.0)

completion please FAX to the number below.

These forms should only be used for suspected cancer and in conjunction with the NICE Referral Guidelines for Suspected Cancer, June 2005

Patient Details

Hospital No


GP Details (inc Fax Number)


Date of Decision to Refer
Date of Referral
GP Signature

First Language:

Symptoms for immediate referral: Note:Do not use this form for immediate referral, make a telephone referral
♦ Signs of superior vena caval obstruction (swelling of face/neck with fixed elevation of JVP)
♦ Stridor
Symptoms for urgent referral: (Check as appropriate)
Persistent haemoptysis (smokers/ex-smokers > 40 yrs)
Chest x-ray suggestive of lung cancer (inc pleural effusion and slowly resolving consolidation)
Normal chest x-ray with high suspicion of lung cancer
Symptoms for urgent referral for a chest x-ray: Note: Do not use this form for routine referral for a chest x-ray

Changes in symptoms in patients with underlying chronic respiratory problems
Unexplained or persistent (longer than three weeks): (See below)
♦ Weight loss
♦ Chest/shoulder pain
♦ Chest signs
♦ Finger clubbing
♦ Dyspnoea
♦ Cervical/supraclavicular lymphadenopathy
♦ Hoarseness
♦ Cough
♦ Features suggestive of metastasis from a lung cancer (e.g. secondaries in the brain, bone, liver, skin)
Current or ex-smoker
History of exposure to asbestos and recent onset of chest pain
History of COPD
Previous cancer (especially head & neck)
Shortness of breath or unexplained systemic symptoms (where chest x-ray indicates pleural effusion, mass or suspicious lung pathology)
Clinical Details:…...

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Cancer America Colon cancer and lung cancer are the top two killer cancers in America. Heart disease itself is the #1 killer in America followed by cancer. Lung cancer is the first deadliest cancer. Lung cancer is the most deadly than prostate, breast, and colon cancer put together. Lung cancer is an uncontrollable growth of cells that start off in one or both lungs. As tumors become larger and they start to multiply, they complicate the lung’s job, which is toprovide the bloodstream with the proper amount of oxygen that your body needs. Lung cancer is very deadly, as it kills more than 1,370,000 people a year. Some causes are as indicated: smoking, air pollution, radon gas, prior history of lung cancer, and finally asbestos fibers. The difference between lung cancer and colon cancer is that lung cancer is caused by smoking, and air pollution. Family genes, your diet, (eating habits), and family history of the disease cause Colon cancer. If more than one family member has had the disease, they are at an even greater risk. Aside from lung cancer, colon cancer is just as deadly. Colorectal cancer, which is commonly known as colon cancer, is the second cause of cancer related deaths in women and men. Colon cancer is a type of cancer that forms inside of the cells lining, the inside of the colon, or the rectum. Over time, colon cancer may form into a massive tumor. The cancer cells enter and destroy any tissue close by. They can also break apart and form new tumors in different......

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