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Lupus is a disease that makes a person’s body unable to tell what is healthy tissue and disease tissue. The body’s white blood cells respond by attacking the body’s own tissue which causes a person with lupus to have muscle aches and/or problems with their organs. People with lupus do not always feel the effects of the disease. When lupus patients feel well they are said to be in remission. However, when patients feel ill they are said to be having a flare. Lupus can affect all races, genders, and ages, but is most common in women between the ages of 15-40. There are three known types of lupus each being unique. Discoid lupus affects the skin, SLE affects the joints and organs. The last form, drug-induced, is a side effect caused by medications during a person’s time on a drug not a natural disease. As of today, the cause of lupus is unknown, but has been found to have a basis in genetics, hormones, and the environment in which the person is exposed. Lupus affects twenty in every one hundred thousand people across the globe. When a person with lupus has a flare they may feel tired, have joint pain, and suffer headaches. Other problems such as hair loss, low red blood cell count, and chest pains have also been reported. Most cases of lupus are usually in a person’s teenage years, but is not exclusive to this age group. Childhood cases tend to be more severe due to changes during the child’s growth. Lupus is hard to diagnose because there is no single test that says whether a person has lupus or not. Often it takes many doctor visits and physical exams backed up by lab results. People with lupus only show symptoms during a flare so the union of right timing, and testing is needed for a proper diagnosis. There are many factors that help confirm tests such as rash, trouble seeing in bright light, and arthritis. If a patient has any four in series or at the same...

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