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Lut1 - Task 1

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Topic: Organized sports positive and negative effects on today’s youth.
A-1. Introduction
Hi my name is Lisa Hadden. Are you struggling with signing that permission slip so your child can play an organized sport? Do you wonder if you can balance your budget to include the high cost of playing as well as equipment needed? Do you have the time to commit to being at practices and games? Is it worth it for your child in the long run?

A-1a. Thesis Statement
Research continues to suggest that being a part of organized youth sports can have both positive and negative effects on today’s children as well as their families; character building, self-confidence, discipline and healthy lifestyle habits are all positive effects while the negative effects include injuries, performance stress, peer pressure and large time and money commitments.

A-1b. Main Point Preview
Involvement of children in youth sports can have both merits and demerits. Participation in sporting activities provides children with healthy lifestyle habits, builds character, personal discipline, and self-confidence. The major demerits are physical stress developing in injuries, psychological performance stress, peer pressures, as well as time and monetary requirements.

A-2. Main Points 1) Merits of youth organized sports: A) Character Building: Youth who participate in organized sports are often upright in thought and many times assume leadership roles because of the decision making traits they pick up during the sporting activities, the devotion and work rate they put in, the determination they develop in the hope of living up to the expectations and team work builds character traits that will carry them through the workforce late in life. B) Self Confidence: Organized sports can increase a youth’s awareness level and the responsibility that comes with it teaches them to...

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Lut1 Task 1

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