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Beatriz Ramirez
Everest College
Mr. Kammerman
Compostion II
March 1,2013

As a student who wants to embrace a new beginning with a better future a school education is needed. A field that many people have had an interest in would the Criminal Justice program. This is a demanding field that many people of all ages desire to become successful in life. This career has many fields and opportunities that I can choose from. The career that I have chosen to accomplish by researching about would be Crime Scene Investigator. To become a Crime Scene Investigator there’s many requirements that is needed. For instance there’s a minimum education requirement. In order to be succeed to gain my desire salary in to prospect from a personas goals in order to achieve. Gaining the proper information and learning on how the process works in being a Crime Scene Investigator can be very hard to accomplish must it can be done. Being in the Criminal Justice field is the beginning way to start of a career in life. In this type of business I will need to set my mind straight in order to accomplish my goals. The opportunity to initiate in being in Criminal Justice field it helps a person decide what career path that someone wants to follow. In this field that I would want to commence in the near upcoming future would be to become a Crime Scene Investigations. I would want to learn all the possible knowledge and gain as much experience to achieve my goal. Having the change to know that I have made a difference in other peoples live would encourage me to push myself further in life. This career isn’t only for me but for other students who want to have new opportunity. ‘’Crime scene investigator (CSI) also known as forensic technician” as stated in; is a tough profession that people are trained to absorb and analyze crime scene situation. In this field I must learn on how to determine who, is the responsible person for committing the crime. One of the learning skills that I would have to learn would be on how to collect a proper finger print and different kinds of necessary fibers that can help clear the case. This line of work can help improve my senses by helping me pay close attention to different type of weather changes and various sceneries. In order to obtain this skill there’s a few educational requirements that I must first obtain. This major can be very difficult to achieve but I’m very well interested in. Popular shows such a CSI Miami can be very misleading and over the time that I’ve been taking courses at school I’ve learned that not everything is true as it is pertained in this popular TV shows. The amount of information that I have learned over the past several months at school has opened my eyes on what a true and real Crime Scene Investigator can really do. This takes lots of hard work and plenty of time to become perfect at.

I know knowledge is power and in this field this is a much needed skill. A common fulfillment that is suggested is having a bachelor degree. Other additional requirements in becoming a crime scene investigator are having the ability of forensic science and biology knowledge. Learning the proper chemicals and measurements takes lots of patience and mathematical abilities. Another important factor that is commonly dislike by many but it’s an ability that I must learn to deal with, would be writing a descriptive detail report. Being able to clearly write and spell can help solve a crime. Solving a crime is very critical in this choice of work being able to think and write full legible notes can help me in the future. Putting my brain to work stay focus on the crime can collecting proper written information can be case breaker. Learning on how to be patented and having the ability to think by putting the missing puzzle together takes lots skills that will help me succeed. In order to proceed in all of the requirements it will help me gain experience and knowledge and determine my desire salary that I wish to have. My desire salary all depends on what my goal is. For instance earning an hourly wage can be depending on the person’s educational experience and skills. I can be earning up to $40.00 dollars an hour which can eventually come out to $84,000 a year. This statistic can determine on the location and educational experience. Now I know money isn’t everything but when choosing a career rather than a job I would like something better for myself. I believe that anyone can achieve there high expectations on their salary with some determination. Staying focused has to be one of the priorities that I must take into consideration. Simply falling off track can put me further down to my goal. Being able to earn a living is a desire that I don’t want to strike away from. An educational degree is needed when pursuing a desire field that I want to have in life. To become a Crime Scene Investigator I will need to accumulate certain classes. For instance some of the classes that are required to have would be science, math, and a writing skills; this can help me improve to expand my writing skills. Being in this field consist of you being determine and staying on task so I can stay focus to become successful. Criminal Justice is not only a career that I can achieve in but it’s a hard course that I need to gain a lot of experience in. By learning that all the research that I’ve done can help expand my knowledge when it comes to this field. This is not a simple job that just anyone can simply apply at, it’s a career that I must learn and have a passion for. This line of work must be taken seriously and I must know what I’m doing by knowing what I’m getting into. Not only do I put my life at risk by working with chemicals or being exposed with body fluids in a daily bases I must learn that the people who are victims once had a family on which they would depend on me to solve this crimes. Of course I know I’m not alone in this process working with the police department takes skills and comprehension. Crime Investigator always works closely with the department of police in order to solve a crime. Having all this criteria’s will help me become a greater investigator by helping to determine on how this crime where committed. This is a growing profession that will only expand with in the future and because of this crime rates that are rapidly occur this field will grow as well. This career can lead to many choices in picking out a field for example being a Crime Scene Investigator or a parole officer the criminal justice can have many opportunities. This can help me expand my mind. There are many programs to choose from which all take determination and an educational degree. As long as I follow all the educational requirements and stick to my goals I will be able to succeed. Hard work can pay off if I’m willing to stay focus and not let anything distract. With the research that I‘ve done about this program I’ve learned that it takes a high risk of information. Getting started can be difficult but by finding the right information can put things in prospective. Criminal Justice is a high demand that I would love to get into and learn more about. By doing this research on the Everest College website it help me determine on what a Crime Scene Investigator can really do and what it’s really about. This field is a serious career that I must know on how to cope with. If you think you want to learn more about this career you can always do some research online or contact your local colleges. Criminal justice is now the future that many people are interested in learning. What better way to expand my knowledge is to do research on it. By getting the necessary skills this will help me contribute to society and myself as well. As a student I have learned that this is an inquired skills will only help me gain more in life by knowing what I can achieve in. Criminal Justice has motivated me to better myself in school and in life. This field can offer many life changing opportunities that I hope I can complete.


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