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Lyt2 Task1

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| Current and Emerging Technology – LYT2 Task 1 | | PREPAREDFORSimple Getaways, Inc.RESPONSE TO REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL September 22, 2014 |

II. BACKGROUND 2 a. Current Issues 2 b. Key Stakeholders 2 Sponsorship/Champion 2
III. ACTUAL PERFORMANCE VS. DESIRED PERFORMANCE 4 a. Document Management 4 b. Administrative tasks 4
IV. PROPOSED SOLUTION 4 a. Document Management/ Collaboration 4 Key Benefits 5 b. Workforce Management 5 Key Benefits 6
V. Conclusion 6
VI. References 6

Based upon the two major challenge detailed in the Simple Getaways’ RFP, both challenges appear to steam from the current decentralized structure of the organization. Each office is acting as its own entity, with its own document management and workforce management. By implementing Huddle for document management and Oracle’s workforce management solution it will be possible to centralize both document management and workforce management across the entire organization. Greatly improving the sharing/ collaboration of documents as well as improving controls around workforce management. II. BACKGROUND
This document is in response to the RFP created by Simple Getaways, Inc., requesting solutions for a new information processing system. a. Current Issues
There are a number of challenges with Simple Getaways’ current system: * Little to no version control of documents, multiple versions of documents exist in multiple locations. * Decentralized storage of files. * Administrative tasks are paper based and are handled at the office level, resulting in delays in processing. * Decentralized tracking of workforce management activities.

b. Key Stakeholders
Since the scope of this project will affect every group within the Simple Getaways organization and...

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