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M1- Asses the Implications of Health and Safety and Security Legislation and Regulations for a Business Role in a Work Place.

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M1- Asses the implications of health and safety and security legislation and regulations for a business role in a work place.

This covers different roles with Super Group, I will be looking at the health, safety and security legislation and regulation have different implications. Ever since health and safety has been introduced into the work place they have to have set up and complete risk assessments due to the management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 legislation, for example if an employee at Super Group was set up a risk assessment and the first implication is to make sure they include all possible hazards and risks. The next implication of the risk assessment they have to make sure they involve is every employee that works for the business and for example if an employee was injured and was in a cast and on crutches they would have to make a whole new specific risk assessment for that employee and everything that was going on around including other employees. This is very important because if the worst possible outcome was to happen at work then they would have to able to get that injured employee out safely for example making sure all first exits were clear and all the alarms are tested and working correctly.
The next legislation I will be looking and what implications is causes is the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 which was put in place to make sure all employee are safe at work and our working in a healthy environment, this is important for Super Group because they have many high chemical substances at work and they have to make sure these are stored and transported correctly and safely so they are not going to affect any employees , The reason this causes implications for a business like Super Group is because this law Is only in place for businesses that employee more than five members of staff and there are hundreds of employees…...

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