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Term paper is a system by which we can familiarize ourselves with the practical situation. Moreover, we can bridge up the gap of the theoretical knowledge and practical situation. As an indispensable part of BBA program, I was placed in M.M. ISPAHANI Ltd. for completing my term paper. I was rotated in almost every desk of the organization and all over the factory.

Statement of the Problem:
The efficient management of working capital is very vital for a business survival. This is premised on the fact having too much working capital signifies inefficiency, whereas too little cash at hand signifies that the survival of business is shaky. Here I focus on working capital management practices in M. M. ISPAHANI Ltd. to evaluate the real condition that are existing.

Objectives of the study:
The main objective of the study is to gather practical knowledge about working capital management of M.M. ISPAHANI Ltd. My study covers the following areas: * To Study the working capital policies of the sample company. * To study the structure of working capital. * To measure the utilization of working capital of the sample company. * To examine the impact of working capital on profitability. * To identity the problems facing the sample company. * To suggest the recommendation of measuring working capital Management efficiency.
Scope of the Study:
In my term paper the sample size was one and M.M. ISPAHANI Ltd. was selected as a sample and my topic was working capital management. For gathering more about my requirements I have scheduled my time in various departments, such as

Department | Days | Executive Officer | 07 | Finance & Accounts | 15 | Marketing & Sales | 05 | Purchase | 05 | Import & Export | 05 | Administration | 03 |

Methodology of the Study:
In order to accomplish the term paper report in the…...

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