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Introduction • Historical background of the company • Mobile communications market players Vision & Mission

Organizational Culture

• Main characteristics • Main factors affecting corporate culture • Culture levels • Culture levels
Leadership Style & Management Profile

Organizational Structure

Change Management

• Main forces • Categories and change intensity • Methodogy

Organizational Image

SOWT Analysis
•Social Environment  PEST Analysis •Task Environment  Porter’s Five Forces Analysis •Internal Environment  Value Chain Analysis

Products & Services •Voice •Data •Smart Net
Customer Profiles & Expectations

•Consumer •Business

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Historical background of the company
Etisalat is a leading international telecom company operating in 18 countries around the world. Egypt is one of the countries where operation was launched in May 2007 as the first 3.5G operator. Etisalat’s entry to the Egyptian market ushered in a new era for the telecom industry. Etisalat Misr introduced for the first time to the market a host of 3.5G services, such as video calling, mobile TV, mobile broadband internet and data services. In a bolder step, 3.75G was introduced and assumed absolute market leadership in providing the fastest broadband internet in the market through USB modems and 3G mobile handsets.
Etisalat’s entry brought to the market an array of competitive and innovative rate plans that attracted one million subscribers in the first 50 days of operation. Thanks to the entry of Etisalat to the market, mobile users in Egypt now have wider options, higher service quality, more innovative services and better value for money.

Mobile Telecommunication Market Players
Telecom Egypt : Initiated…...

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