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Learning More about your Mac Apple Training, Videos and Text Tutorials

Mac 101 - Getting Started with the Mac
“Give me the grand tour of the Mac interface” 5 lessons
Apple - Support - Mac 101 - The Grand Tour

“Get me working and playing” 27 lessons
Apple - Support - Mac 101 - All Work and Play

“Show me how to set up my Mac for me” 6 lessons
Apple - Support - Mac 101 - Customize Your Mac

“Connect your peripherals or get on the Internet” 7 lessons
Apple - Support - Mac 101 - Connect and Use Your Devices

“My Mac needs help” (Troubleshooting 101) 2 lessons
Apple - Support - Mac 101 - Troubleshooting 101

“My Mac Cheat Sheet”
Whether your Mac asks you for certain information or you're seeking help from Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP), there may come a time when you need to have access to your serial number, hardware configuration, passwords, email server or internet access information. And then you discover that you've either forgotten or misplaced this information.

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Here is a link to a PDF form where you can keep all your basic information. kbase/304752/my_mac_cheat_sheet.pdf This form can also be found on the last page of this handout.

Switch 101
If you're a PC user who has just switched to the Mac and want to find out how to adapt your old working habits to the Mac OS, this is the right place. Visit Switch 101: The former PC user's guide to getting the most out of your Mac. Apple - Support - Switch 101

Mac Videos and Text Tutorials
Apple - Find Out How - Mac Basics What is covered Mac Basics Photos Movies Web Music iWork MobileMe

Mac Basics
Apple - Find Out How - Mac Basics Videos tutorials available on Mac Basics Get Started with Mac (37) Anatomy of a Mac Move to Mac Windows on a Mac page 2

PC to Mac: The Basics...

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...Congratulations, you and your iMac were made for each other. Built-in iSight camera Video chat with up to three friends anywhere in the world at the same time. Mac Help iSight Music Front Row with Apple Remote Enjoy movies, music, and photos from the comfort of your sofa. Mac Help Front Row Dashboard widgets Get up-to-date information instantly. View stocks, check the weather, track flights, and much more. Mac Help Dashboard iMovie Collect all your video in one library. Create and share movies in minutes. iMovie Help movie iPhoto Organize all your photos with Events. Publish to a Web Gallery with a click. iPhoto Help photo GarageBand Create music by adding musicians to a virtual stage. Enhance your song to sound like a pro. GarageBand Help record iWeb Create beautiful websites with photos, movies, blogs, podcasts, and dynamic web widgets. iWeb Help website Contents Chapter 1: Ready, Set Up, Go 9 What’s in the Box 10 Setting Up Your iMac 15 Putting Your iMac to Sleep or Shutting It Down Chapter 2: Life with Your iMac 20 22 24 26 28 Basic Features of Your iMac Other Features of Your iMac Ports on Your iMac Other Components of Your iMac Getting Answers Chapter 3: Boost Your Memory 33 Installing Additional Memory 38 Making Sure Your iMac Recognizes the New...

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...function or perform as expected. This Beta driver is provided as-is, and the installer accepts all risks. 5. The Beta version will not be supported in any way. 6. There are no warranties under this agreement. 7. In no event shall Numark be liable for any loss of profits, loss of use, or damages pursuant to this agreement. 8. We suggest that anyone experiencing problems with a Beta version driver reinstall a properly certified and supported official driver release. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Driver Features What you should know about Numark’s 3.0 Driver for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks Version: 3.0 OS X Compatibility: 10.9 Two separate driver types are now available to OS X 10.9 Mavericks users, “Bit Accurate” and “Core Audio”. These two options can be seen listed in the Mac OS X “Audio MIDI Setup” utility, and also within any application where soundcard selection is available (most DAWs). Driver features: Core Audio    Can be set as the sound output and input within the Audio MIDI Setup...

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