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Macau is a Chinese city with one of the densely populated city in the world it is situated on the southeastern part of china to the southwestern of the “Pearl River”. The neighbor cities of Macau is Hong Kong and Guangdong, Hong Kong is located on 60km distance from Macau they were been connected by a ferry terminal ,on the other hand the city Zhuhai the only ground neighbor of Macau. The famous city Guangzhou is in the reach by 145km.Chinese and Portuguese are the official language of Macau while the widely spoken language is Cantonese. The estimated area of Macau is 32.8km2. The estimated population of Macau is 642.9. Macau economy is based on gaming and tourism industries. The gambling industry of Macau is that much developed that the annual earning of the Casinos is target ever achieve anywhere else on the planet Earth.

Macau was one of the first European colony in Asia. Macau was the colony of Portugal since 1550, as it is been hand over back to china PRC on 20th December 1999,so the first look of Macau is much more European and it is very clear in the buildings and in the everyday life. Macau is establish under the special rule of the Chinese constitution known as “article 31st”in other words one country two system. Macau is also known as Macau SAR which means Macau special administration region.
Macau territory is consist of Macau peninsula the Taipa Island, Cotai and Coloane. There are three bridges in Macau. Macau light bridge, Macau Friendship Bridge and Sai Wan Bridge. All of these three bridges are connecting Macau peninsula to Taipa. The fourth bridge is still under construction how much I know about the fourth bridge this is an undersea way which will connect which will connect Macau Hong Kong and Zhuhai.

There are 12 universities in Macau among which Macau University is the leading educational institute. Macau University is consist of two campuses named as old campus and new campus. Macau economy base on gaming and tourism industries. If we go the history of Macau we will find that the first economic cycle for Macau was agriculture fishing and cattle raising the second was trading and the third which is still in action is gaming. Research on Macau economy shows that Macau is a single pillar economy which is gaming and tourism and we can find out that one pillar economy is cancer for a country growth and its establishment, the economist suggest that Macau should find second engine for the keeping power in government hands.

Macau territory is consist of Macau peninsula, coati, Taipa and Coloane. Cotai is the place which is been achieved by land reclamation process in 2004.Macau land reclamation was started in 1912 when the total area of that time was about 11.6km2 and from that onward still today they are reclaiming more and more land to provide the basic need to Macau citizens. Land reclaiming revolution since 1912 Macau start reclaiming land in 1912 Macau peninsula was 3.4km2 Taipa was 2.3 km2 and Coloane was 5.9km2 at that time Macau area was 11.6km2.if you compare it with the today area you will find it that Macau reclaim about 20km2 area since 1912.
Macau peninsula is the famous tourist attraction region in Macau and is crowded by mainland and international tourist. It is the northern part of Macau which is connected with mainland china. We further divide peninsula in five parishes which are; 1.Nossa senhora de Fatima 2.Santo Antonio 3. Sao lazaro and fifth sao lourenco. The total area of Macau peninsula is 9.3km2.

Taipa is the residential area of Macau and situated in the south of peninsula, Macau peninsula and taipa is connected via the three bridges. The location of taipa and its view is speaking its beauty. The only international airport is also located in Taipa which assist most of the domestic flights and also provide landing for private jets. The Macau international airport provide international flights for neighboring countries like Thailand etc.
Diagrammatically, the taipa is look like in the center of Cotai landfill zone, Ferguisea dase, South China Sea and xiangzhou district.

Freguesia da se

Xiangzhou district Freguesia de Nossa Senhora do Carmo South China Sea

Cotai landfill zone

Cotai and Coloane: Coloane and Taipa is joined by the newly reclaimed land Cotai. Cotai is the rapidly developing sector in Macau.Both of the island architecture and construction is giving you a glimpse of European villages and coloane is also having a fine beach.
The Population of Macau is 642.9. Historian believe that the first inhabitants on Macau territory was the fisherman from Fujian province and the agrarian of Guangdong. According to survey Macau population is consist of 95% Chinese primarily Cantonese and Hakka people. The other 5% is Portuguese, Euro Asian, some Japanese catholic and Chinese Portuguese ancestry. There was also having another group of people named as Tan-Ka people and place at a low level in Chinese society most of them were not educated and they were not able to read and write. They were not allowed to marry out of family. But they are been suddenly disappeared may be mixed with the locals there were sailors and fisherman.
Economy of Macau as we know better it is completely gaming based. There were three economic cycles in Macau history the first cycle was fishing cattle raising and agriculture.
Cattle raising and agriculture starts in the old village of Mong ha. From the east Mong ha is surrounded by the hill named “tong mong long”.in the west it is surrounded by sands pot.

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