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Macdonal History

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History of mcdonalds
McDonald is the world famous fast food restaurant. The idea of McDonald’s was introduced by two brothers Mac (Maurice) and Dick (Richard) McDonald in California. Their father Patrick McDonald in 1937 was having a hot dog cottage called as Airdrome restaurant near the airport. In 1940 the restaurant was renamed as McDonald’s Famous Barbeque. In 1940 both brothers came to a conclusion that most of their profit comes from selling hamburger so they made their menu very simple by selling only Hamburger, cheeseburger, soft drinks French fries and apple 1954 a turning point came in McDonald’s brother history. Ray Kroc a seller of Multitier milkshake visited McDonald and he liked the idea of McDonald. McDonalds corporation was built in those times and as a result Kroc started expanding their business by opening franchises for mcdonalds.1960 McDonald’s advertising campaign “look for the golden arches” gave McDonald’s sale a big boost.1965 McDonald corporation went 1968 McDonald open its 1000th restaurant.1974 McDonalds started their business in UK and 1980 McDonalds was facing very big competition from its rival Burger King and Wendy but McDonald with its innovation was experiencing boost in its early and mid-nineties McDonalds was having decline in their sales and as a result they start improving their business. Taste was improved and some new menu items were introduced. McDonald introduced first Kosher McDonald in Jerusalem and Halal McDonalds in India (1995 and 1996 respectively). McDonald start creating healthy image and invested heavily on refurbishment in...

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