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Macdonalds Environment

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Ministry of Higher Education
Colleges of Applied Sciences
Department of International Business Administration
International Business Environment (BUSN 3401)


This assessment contributes to 15 % of the final mark.

Submission Date: December 12th 2012 by 2pm

Note –

▪ Late submissions will be penalized by 5% per day. ▪ Assignments should be word-processed as per the instructions given.


The assigned task is to analyse the international business environment impacts on a representative company (focal firm) in a particular industry. The report must trace the global environment impacts on the representative company. The company may be a locally owned enterprise or a subsidiary operation. It is expected that you will consult firstly newspapers, trade/industry reports, and magazines such as The Economist, Commerce, Business Week, Fortune, etc to identify international business trends, forecasts and changes.

A possible outline that includes major topics for your report is:

1. Introduction 2. Political Environment (political system, structure, political parties, political risk) 3. Legal environment (legal system, legal issues in international business, legal risk) 4. Economic environment (economic system, main products and services, economic risk) 5. Monetary environment (currency system, currency risk) 6. Trade environment (major exports/imports, main trading partners, regional economic integration, tariff and trade barriers, government incentives for conducting business there) 7. Cultural analysis (cultural determinants, cultural dimensions, norms) 8. Outline of challenges and opportunities of doing business in the country (i.e. analysis and integration of information from other parts of the paper and other country data) 9. Guidelines for success…...

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