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Today’s religion did not originate from space; they did exist from ancient faiths which may have been swept away by time. The ancient religion may not be as active as in the past but have continued to influence our present culture. The 19th century had a change in knowledge about other religion, ethics and beliefs and showed a gradation in economy of a state, these stages of progression includes that of Abrahamic to middle age religion, down to their mode of socialization with the environment.
Religion evidence dates back to thousands of years. Archaeologist used apparent burials from Homo sapiens as yardsticks of religious ideas. Other evidence includes symbolic images from middle stone ages, especially that of Africa. However, the interpretation of the paleo-images and their direct meaning with respect to how they relate with religious beliefs remains a controversy, as compared to more recent remains.
Various theories have been put down by scholars more recently to supporting the originality and origin of religion rather than believing in earlier claims by Christian beliefs that the world was unreligious (non-religion).
Edward Burnett, Tylor, and Herbert Spencer proposed the theory of “Animism” while a renowned archaeologist, john Lubbok described earlier religion as “Fetish”. Other scholars like Max Miller in his theory defined earlier religion as “Hedonism”, while Wilhem Mannhardt used naturalism to describe religion that is, a myth of events of natural happenings. All these theories have been argues by critics and thus; people do say there is no established fact regarding the origin of religion.
Religions Geschichtliche Schule (i.e. School of Religious History) was a 19th century German school of thought. The school was…...

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