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The Coca-Cola created in 1886 in the company's Eagle Drug and Substance in the pharmacy in Columbus, Georgia by John Pemberton, originally as a coca wine called Pemberton's French Wine Coca. Then, when Atlanta and Fulton County passed a law to ban, Pemberton defended himself creating Coca-Cola, a version without alcohol. First it started to sale at Jacob's Pharmacy, which was sold as a medicine that relieves headaches and nausea, the medicine was popular in the U.S., because in that moment people belief that carbonated water was good for health. Frank Robinson gave the name Coca-Cola, and then the actual logo of the brand was designed. When the drink became famous in 1886 Pemberton was offered to sell the product throughout the United States, of course he accepted the offer he sold the formula and his company in $ 23,300 dollars, and later he opened several containers in the United States. Later, a group of lawyers bought the company and it became an international company. Since there, the company became The Coca-Cola.
The Coca-Cola is a macro company, because like most of the companies, follow the policies and regulations that the government established. These kinds of companies contribute to the economic success by giving employs for people in the community, paying taxes to governments and suppliers of goods, services and capital goods and support programs for help. The Coca-Cola system has more than 900 plants in the whole world. The ingredients and raw materials are of local origin. And its 92,400 employees representing thousands of communities and cultures and its bottling partners employ hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and are committed to supporting programs in the community.
The objective of Coca-Cola Foundation is to achieve a greater impact on the people to know the needs they have. This company supports the most…...