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Economic Issues Simulation Paper is about Castor Health Plans. This health plan was founded in 1999 as a Regional HMO in the state of Pantome. The main purpose of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) is to provide health care services and health insurance to enrollees through a statewide network of hospitals and physicians. The HMOs complete this by using a capitation model in which it pays its large network of health providers. Caster Health plan has thousands of enrollees throughout the state and is looking towards increasing the amount. As a representative for the Castor my responsibilities is to maximize profit and minimize risk for the company. Other responsibilities that I would need to help with are including plenty of interaction with any new clients and formulating health plans in that would suit the client’s needs, on top of all that this would also include pricing plans and setting insurance premiums.
It’s never an easy job making any sort of financial Making any types of financial and economic decisions; making decisions for a business is a lot harder because one has to realize what is and will do best in order for the business to make profits and to grow. Castor will need to choose between two types of companies it will want to help cover with their health plan. The two companies that have been put in front of their health plan company are that of Constructit or E-editor. The simulation has a couple of plans to chose from and on top of that it also has a customized plan that has some advantages and disadvantages that include removing services and adding services to clients that have or may have pre-existing conditions. The top insurance plan is Castor Standard, which covers all incidentals but doesn’t cover any pre-existing conditions and the cost can run up to $2,428 annually. The next plan is Castor enhanced which does cover pre-existing conditions…...

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