Main Social Problems in Bangladesh

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Written by : Ram Krishna Paul, B.Sc. in EEE, 25th | B | Day, SUB
A lots of social problems are rounded Bangladesh. Few major social problems are discussed in bellow oneafter another:
Population increases at an unsustainable rate:
It is entirely possible that the perilous situation that awaitsBangladesh with its population growth isn’t getting the kind of consideration that it so deserves. Or it may be that people are very indifferent about the whole matter. But ignoring or avoiding the problem itself wouldnot somehow make it go away, and would only make the situation worse for this poverty stricken country,and the world.Bangladesh is the 7th largest country in the world in population where 150 million people are virtuallyelbowing each other in a land that is 134,000 sq km in area with a population density of more than 1100 people per sq km. The population growth rate among the educated people in Bangladesh has come down bya considerable extent. But its growth rate among the underprivileged, who continue to constitute a bigmajority, is double the rate of the educated group. Since the poor people have no steady income (some practically live hand to mouth), they customarily want more children as security and support in oldage.During independence in 1971, the population of Bangladesh was about 75 million. After 37 years, its population is believed to have more than doubled.The current estimate of population growth in the country varies from 1.5 per cent to 2 per cent a year depending on whose assessment one pays attention to. For good measure, if one takes a middle ground andconsiders a growth rate of say 1.75 per cent a year, it would mean that Bangladesh population will double inthe next 40 years, while at the lowest rate the doubling time would be 47 years. How serious a problemwould the country face…...